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Analysing the poem “Telephone Conversation”

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Analysing the poem "Telephone Conversation" In the poem the "Telephone Conversation" the poet makes the man seem out of place by making him tell the woman that he was African. This produces a silly response from the lady. She asks him "how dark?." This must have been really shocking for the man. He looks around He looks around for something to compare himself with, If this were a white man he would not have to do this as he is the correct colour for this particular lady. Later on in the poem she asks how dark brunette is, if I were the man I would be really shocked and would not know how to take all these stupid questions. He must feel be really out of place. In the "Fat Black Woman Goes shopping". The poet makes her seem out of place by putting a Jamaican in a British, rainy community and making her go shopping. The poet also makes her fat, which does not help because she can't find clothes to fit her. ...read more.


That is what I think the poem does, it makes you imagine pictures of the poem in your mind. In this poem the character is bitter and has more self-pity this does not make me feel sorry for her. The poem "In-a Brixtan Market" it makes me feel and some parts make me laugh. I'm angry because the police officer is searching the man's bag because he's black! If I were this man I would have hit him by now because I would know the main reason he is searching my bag' But if I had chatted back to him that would have been a reason to arrest me. The funny parts in the poem are the way he speaks he uses dialect form of English - E.G "like them did a-wait fi mi." I also feel pleased for him at the end because he gains his self respect back. Overall, I think that all three poets have been effective in conveying that the characters they describe are out of place. ...read more.


She also lightens up when she realises that she can't get any clothes to fit her and the self-pity level goes down. "In-a brixtan market" is the most effective one for me because it is funny and is very close to reality. It uses the first person the same as the Conversation. It uses West Indian dialect, which is really funny. He uses the word "fi" which means many different words in English. It also seems like he's talking directly to us because he is always asking questions. The poem also shows how the man is angry by using exclamation marks. He also makes a point by listing what's in his bag. Near the end he starts talking to himself to try and calm himself down. The mood of the poem does change a bit, he feels he has respect when he walks in the market, he loses it when the police officer searches him and then he gains it back when he doesn't chat back or have any illegal goods in his bag. The ending of this poem is the best for me as you feel good that "he won" and the other two do not have that much of a climax. ...read more.

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