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Analysis of Arthur Birling's Character in An Inspector Calls

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An inspector calls Arthur Birling was a rich man and only seemed to care about his family and how well his business was progressing, in other words how much money he was earning. He didn't care about any of his workers, and didn't know them at all, as it quotes in the book, 'I have a couple of hundred workers under me, who keep changing' (Act 1, page 12, line 16.) Therefor this shows that there was no personal relationship with Arthur Birling and Eva Smith until after the strike. Arthur Birling states that all the workers had just come back from their holidays and had become very restless, and then just decided to demand for a pay rise or they would go on strike. Of course he denied it, so all the workers wouldn't come back. After a while they were all begging to come back because they were becoming poor, so Arthur Birling let them all back and fired the ringleaders, one of whom, Eva Smith. Eva Smith was now out of work for two months, and was earning no money. She hadn't any savings so she became half starved. Also both her parents were dead so they couldn't offer her help. ...read more.


He didn't feel the same way as Eva felt about him, because it quotes this in the book. If she ever found out that Gerald didn't love her, her heart would be broken once again! Gerald eventually ended their relationship, but it was no surprise, as Eva already knew that this situation would occur sometime or other. Since there was no relationship anymore, Eva had to move out of the apartment, and she went to live at the seaside. She said she needed to live there where it was quiet and she had time to think about everything that has happened. I don't think Gerald had a great part to do with Eva committing suicide, as she had already knew at the beginning that their relationship wouldn't, and couldn't be! So it wasn't much of a shock to her. The only bad thing that Gerald has done was being unfaithful to Sheila Birling, so I don't think that Gerald pushed her into the path of committing suicide. Mrs. Birling is very strict and snob like, she also doesn't care about anybody else, just her self. She is a member of the 'Brumley Women's Charity Organisation'. Eva Smith went to this society for help. When she arrived there, Mrs. Birling asked Eva her name, and she replied, "Mrs. ...read more.


I'm not sure if he meant to do that purposely, but he made them think about life and how one action, can make a lot of difference. As we can see each one took part in her death, but which one has the most to do with it. Unlike their parents, Sheila and Eric feel guilty about what they have done. They wished that they could turn the clock back and stop it from happening. Both Mr. Croft and Mr Eric Birling try to help her and take responsibility for what they had done, but the others didn't try to help her even though the had the chance. I would say that Mr. and Mrs. Birling are more responsible for her death because they had her fired from her jobs and then refused her help when she needed it the most. Also Mr. Birling and Mrs. Birling are the parents of Sheila and Eric, so that's where Sheila and Eric probably get their pride, jealousy and stubbornness helped a young girl to commit suicide. I am not saying that Eric and Gerald didn't have anything to do with her death as they contributed but I think that those three hold a little more guilt than others do. By Emma Crawley 10sb ...read more.

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