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Analysis of quotes from 'The Love Song of Alfred J Prufrock' by T.S Eliot.

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Analysis of quotes from 'The Love Song of Alfred J Prufrock' by T.S Eliot J. Alfred Prufrock, a presumably middle-aged, intellectual, indecisive man, invites the reader along with him through the modern city. Eliot first achieves the extinction of his personality by setting "Prufrock" in the poetic form of a dramatic monologue. In this form, the speaker addresses another person and the reader plays the part of the silent listener; often the dramatic monologue is freighted with irony, as the speaker is partially unaware of what he reveals. Prufrock feels he is confined to Hell and a life of loneliness in a lonely, alienating city. ...read more.


The fog/cat seems to be looking in on the roomful of fashionable women "talking of Michelangelo". Unable to enter, it lingers pathetically on the outside of the house, and we can imagine Prufrock avoiding, yet desiring, physical contact in much the same way but without the stealth possessed by a cat. Eliot again uses an image of physical debasement to explore Prufrock's self-pitying state; the cat goes down from the high windowpanes to the "corners of the evening" to the "pools that stand in drains", lets soot from the high chimneys fall on its back, then leaps from the terrace to the ground. ...read more.


This is also another example of his inferiority complex as a coffee spoon is of smaller size than a teaspoon and he feels his life should only be measured out in small insignificant doses. As detailed as Prufrock's eye is, he feels the effects of the penetrating social gaze far more deeply, "Sprawling on a pin" refers to the practice of pinning insect specimens for study, suggesting Prufrock feels similarly scrutinized and judged by what people think of his appearance. Prufrock descends the stairs, and as he watches smoke rising from pipes and lonely men "leaning out windows" just below, he feels he "should have been a pair of ragged claws, Scuttling across the floors of silent seas". ...read more.

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