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Android vs. Iphone, The Clear winner

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´╗┐Dharshan JayatilakaAssignment #1November 14, 2012 Android vs. Iphone, The Clear winner In the market for a new Smartphone? Because choosing a particular Smartphone is not the easiest thing to do in today?s market. While both Smartphone?s have a lot of amazing features, some of which a person from the 80s would not even dare dream of, them may seem so similar that?s it?s hard to tell a difference. The idea would be to pick one that is perfect for the user and not give into peer pressure and follow a particular trend. For people who want to play God with their devices by having complete control and also be able to tweak the lowest level functions would definitely prefer android because of its simplicity and openness which in some people?s opinion may also be a weakness. ...read more.


In this case Iphone wins hands down. Taken as a comparison down between the two the difference is easily ignorable but in some instances android is clearly ahead. If a user wants to have the best and the newest a operating system has to offer the user has no choice but to buy a Iphone, that would be because android makers have a well known reputation to being very slow at updating their software to googles updates or even sometimes never at all. While it is expected that older phones will lose prominence in the latest OS apples support for older phones is much better than androids. For example Apples IOS 5 which is the newest OS for apple was supported in the Iphone 3GS, a phone that was made in 2009. ...read more.


Which has also prompted Android to stop using Flash as well and switch to HTML 5. Because of this as of right now older Android devices will be not be functional in the years to come. Also Flash has been known to kill a devices battery life and does not work well with android tablets. The decision of whether to select android or Iphone is not as easy as tallying up the winners to the above mentioned arguments and selecting a phone. That because all categories do not apply for all people. Some value Battery and Hardware over gaming and "it looks nice" it actually depends on what a user is looking for. Any person who uses an Apple product would support it by saying Apple is better, in this case that is not true because I myself use Android. ...read more.

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