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Animal Experimentation

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Animal Experimentation The fight to prevent and abolish experimentation has long been debated in our society. Time and time again the question of whether or not scientific researchers should have the right to perform experiments on animals has been an issue. Should researchers only perform limited experiments on animals? Should researchers NOT be able to perform experiments at all? These are the questions we should all be asking ourselves. My answer is NO to experimentation, NO to limited experimentation and YES to no experimentation. These questions are argued over everyday all over the world. There are people for and against, this is an extremely huge controversial topic today. Animal experimentation is pointless, this seems to be the most popular belief in the opinion poles and it is also my belief. Why is it that man considers animals as the inferior species? And when it comes to their rights there is a definite fine line between our needs and our taking advantage of them. It is inhuman to condone and continue with these experiments. ...read more.


It is a proven fact that humans and animals react differently, for example chimpanzees despite having 99% of the same genetic make up as we do are not susceptible to many human diseases an example being aids, nor do they have the same reaction to drugs and procedures as you or I. Again I ask, why do these pointless experiments and the endless torture continue? What is the purpose? There are alternatives, and what are these alternatives? Why is animal testing still used when there are so many alternatives available? The main reason non- animal methods are not being used in industries is the failure to validate them. Validation is through examination, testing of methods leading to official acceptance by the scientific community and government agencies. If only non- animal testing methods were validated manufactures would use them more widely as an alternative to animal testing. What are the alternatives? Instead of painful tests on animals manufacturers could Firstly expose their product on a complex mixture of chemicals, based on chemical reaction scientists can predict whether or not the product will be irritating or dangerous to human beings. ...read more.


What of morals? Is it not morally wrong to continue to kill and torture defenceless animals. Were we brought up to believe that experiments such as strapping an animal in machinery to receive high impact blows to the head causing severe head injury right and just?. Were we brought up to believe restraining pigs so that they cannot escape, then burned alive so that examination of severe burns be carried out be right and just? Please spare a thought, take a few minutes to think of these poor, pathetic victims for that is what they are. Forced to live in conditions alien to their natural habitat and environment. Starved of fresh air, wind, rain on their skins, no grass beneath their feet. Their only form of light an electric bulb. Kept in solitary confinement. Starved of the company of their own kind. Starved of the love and affection that is their god given right. Starved of their freedom, starved of the choice. Prisoners, yet where was their crime? It is our duty as human beings to bring animal torture in the form of experimentation to an end. Do we have blocks of ice where our hearts should be? Let your heart melt, please join me. END THIS MADNESS! ...read more.

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