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Animal Welfare- Meat consumption or Vegetarianism?

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MEAT THE TRUTH As with the escalation of time, the relevance of animal welfare is also escalates. Amongst the most conversed of issues, vegetarianism, and the role of meat, is perhaps most controversial. Meat has become somewhat of a tradition for us, the great protectors of this magnificent realm. So is a change in tradition, really a necessity? The law allows the people of Britain, to eat meat at their own will. Government funded schemes such as 'NHS Choices' and 'The Food Standards Agency' have been provided to stress the significance of a balanced diet, consisting of many foods, including meat. You being an educated professional will know that the current English economy is in decline. Jobs are being lost daily. We cannot afford for this to happen, and jobs of many vocationally skilled workers such as: Butchers, livestock workers and fishermen, would be lost through a nationwide vegetarianism scheme. ...read more.


The great brain power; instinct; and ability which we humans rightfully pride ourselves on, would not be accessible to us without the consumption of meat. If we want to let nature take its course, and carry on evolving, then evidently meat eating is necessary. For a balanced diet, which we correctly should stress the importance of- the vitamin B12 is required. This vitamin is absent in every single meat alternative, however present in nearly all meats. No artificial source of protein provides the necessary amount then that of roast beef. Why should we turn down a tasty, tantalizing, tempting roast beef dinner, in trade for an artificially formed protein pill? Meat is also high in energy, calcium and fat, which again, are crucial for the diversity crucial to healthy diets. In the religion of Islam, meat eating is permitted, as long as the meat is halal. ...read more.


Many vegetarians and vegans are very contradictory in their attitude. Having spoken to a vegan, wearing real leather shoes, and makeup tested upon animals, she told me that she had become vegan, because she didn't like cruelty to animals. However, this vegan and many others must not know that not all methods of animal killing are inhumane, for example: free range meat. Free range animals are allowed the freedom to roam, and live happy lives, much happier lives than the cow which had been brutally killed, for her leather shoes, or the tortured bear, in which her makeup was tested upon. Lastly, amongst this great country we have many people who believe in the preservation of tradition, should the voice of those be ignored? Vegetarianism, is a philosophical subject, and has no definitive, clear cut answer. However, as long as we as humans aim to remain as the dominant species, meat is needed to help grasp further evolvements needed to keep hold of that title. The meat choice, most definitely is the only choice. ...read more.

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