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Annie's charter

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Annie's character in this short story is represented as a girl who had spent her whole of her life previous to her marriage as a poor person. Then she married a young working-class man called Bob. Because she wanted to use Bob so she could escape from poverty. Annie married Bob so, so she could have an income. Bob's father called, Old Thompson, had lost his wife in winter. As a consequence of this, Annie and bob had to live with bob's father. Annie was pleased at first, but soon she started to feel resentment for Old Thompson. Annie soon realized that she could get rid of Old Thompson. ...read more.


She loved to clean the house but she only did it when Old Thompson wasn't in the house. This shows that Annie moved with freedom in the house when Old Thompson wasn't there. Another reason why Annie wanted to achieve her objectives, was to use Bob, so she could get rid of Old Thompson. One of the main factors that Annie used to get rid of Old Thompson was to buy some new furniture. Annie criticize the old furniture and it was out of day. ........"This old furniture gives me the willies, she complained t Bob. It's like living in a museum. And those cracks and corners only attract dust. I don't know how your mother accepted it for all those years......." ...read more.


The old man's favorite place in the house was to seat in his old chair in front of the fire. This was the only thing that this poor man had. But Annie continued to try to get rid of Old Thompson. So what she did was to sell the old man's chair for 5 shillings. This is where Old Thompson losses his patience with Annie because she had changed the whole house, it was all modern, all new and finally she sells the Old man's chair. Annie's character is very Ambition. She is predatory, because she used Bob to over come poverty and to have income. She is also a greedy person, who is unsympathetic, materialistic and an opportunist. C. Waiting by Stan Barstow Explore Annie's character and analyze her attitude towards old Thompson? Matias Natuche 1 ...read more.

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