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Arctic Explorers.

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Arctic Explorers. Three friends were out exploring the artic. They were researching survival skills. It was getting quite late in the day, it was almost sunset and the arctic can be a treacherous place at night, so they decided to pitch their tent. The explorers were looking around for a safe place to camp, the found a small mound of snow that would protect them from the wind and they stayed there. Even for explorers, a tent takes quite a long time to put up, but as they were close friends, they were content to chat amongst themselves about home, loved ones and such. They then lit their small gas stove. Some time away, a couple of polar bears were hungry, they were snuffling around in the snow for a tasty morsel to take back to their cubs, they could not leave them for too long, the artic isn't even safe for a polar bear sometimes. ...read more.


John went back into the tent and got the binoculars. He looked towards the shadows, "Ok guys, two polar bears are fast approaching, male and female, most probably looking for a bite to eat and I think we're on the menu!" shouted John fearfully. They soon found out that the snow mound was not a great place to camp as they were cornered by the bears. Andrew rushed back into the tent and radioed his brother who was in the other team. He had a helicopter. "Mayday! Mayday! Are you receiving me? Two polar bears closing in and ready to attack, I repeat two polar bears ready to attack! Send help immediately!" shouted Andrew into his radio. He rushed outside and he could clearly see the polar bears now, he grabbed the safety flares and rushed behind a smaller mound of snow with his friends. ...read more.


John hadn't expected them to be so fast and they were gaining on him, "NOW!" he shouted and Andrew and Peter ran off in the other direction, tears flooding down their faces as they went. They did not look back. They didn't want to . But then they heard a ripping sound, and a scream. Andrew looked back but his wished he hadn't, the bears had ripped John in half, there was red blood oozing onto the white, untouched snow as one bear stood on it hind legs and roared. They were still running as they heard the sound of a helicopter coming, they were going to be safe! They could see the helicopter coming in from the horizon, they looked behind them to take one last look at Johns ripped body as the helicopter landed nearby, they rushed towards the chopper and clambered aboard. As they flew over their camp they could see a trail of blood, the bears were carrying back Johns shredded carcass to their young. Becky McMahon 812 words.....sorry ...read more.

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