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Are the young to blame more than the old for the tragic ending of

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Are the young to blame more than the old for the tragic ending of "Romeo and Juliet"? The deaths of Romeo and Juliet were in turn caused by many things, the younger generation and the elder generation contributed in a great deal of ways and each generation's influences could be seen to be as equally important as the other. Each person in their own generation could be seen to have been the cause, just as equally as another, because each event up to the deaths of Romeo and Juliet were all equally important. If one event had not happened then maybe another would not have, the whole play was full of "what ifs", "maybes" and "buts" yet it is up to the audience to come to their own decision whether the younger or elder generation were to blame. One young man in "Romeo and Juliet" was Tybalt, he was a nephew of Lord Capulet and a cousin to Juliet. It was his petty rivalry that can be said to have triggered off the sequence of events that led to the deaths of Romeo and Juliet and if he had maintained a calm composure and ignored the Montagues then perhaps his cousin would not have died. ...read more.


However, the elders in the play can be blamed also and so should not be excluded. The Friar was the most influential man in both Romeo and Juliet's lives. The church had played an important role throughout their lives and as an older man he should have understood the younger generation's needs having watched them all grow up. He should have known, as a member of the church and as a mature adult, that deceit and lies were not a way to get what was best. Although, whilst he was helping Romeo and Juliet, he did continuously warn them to take things slowly and to think what they were doing. He warned Romeo not to rush into things, he said: "Therefore love moderately - long love doth so:" With this statement he was trying to explain to Romeo that it was best to love Juliet slowly, to strengthen their love they would have to take things a step at a time and then their love would last longer. This was mature advice Romeo and Juliet should have heeded because if they had done so, they probably would not have died. ...read more.


If the elders had shared this liberality and calm thinking with their feisty, hatred filled children then Romeo and Juliet would not have died. Yet, the elders did not, they acted immaturely and not as adults should do and so in turn, they caused the deaths of their most beloved. So with all this I can see that in my opinion the old are to blame and not the young, I believe this because if they had guided their children and thought of what was best for their younger generation and not what was beneficial to their own selfish needs. Acted more like parents and been more selfless, influencing them properly, then Romeo and Juliet would not have died. The elder generation should have called upon their life experiences and acted in a more mature way, talking to their children, explaining that fighting was wrong and should have seen, and explained that this lifetimes long feud was pointless. So, the Prince, the Friar, the Nurse, Lord and Lady Capulet and Lord and Lady Montague and the whole elder generation in "Romeo and Juliet" were all, in their own individual way to blame, they should have known how to act, should have helped more and should not have been selfish in their actions as they were. Emilie Murphy 10F 6th May 2002 1 ...read more.

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