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Aronald Bennet

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Looking at the social comments Arnold Bennett makes. Examine his use of language and literary devices to convey his point. In the story news of the engagement Arnold Bennett makes several social comments. He uses different types of language and literary devices to convey his message to the reader. Throughout the story Arnold Bennett shows the nature of the character Philips relationship with his mother. As the story progresses Arnold Bennett uses different techniques to convey Philips behavior and attitude towards his mother. At the end of the story his message is shown to the reader and from this point onwards my focus will be on Philips journey throughout the story, how he changes and his sudden realization of how poorly he has inwardly treated his mother The first significant phrase in the story appears early in the first paragraph. The phrase used is 'preparing for me' and it is a very important quote as it reveals Philips viewpoint towards his mother. The reader can infer immediately that Philip is appearing to be sarcastic or even patronizing. The word 'preparing' is deliberately placed between inverted commas by the writer. This is an extremely effective method of revealing to the reader Philips tone of voice. It can be perceived that Philip is talking in a tone of disrespect towards his mother and that he is sure that his mother has no other plans which exclude him. The text in itself is very informative. It is used to convey that Philips mother has little other activities to engage in other than 'preparing' for him. Seeing as Philip is speaking about his own mother, even at this early stage in the story it is clear that Philip is disrespectful towards her and seems to think negatively about her preparations for his arrival. The inverted commas also carry the suggestion that Philip is not at all surprised at his mother for 'preparing' for him. ...read more.


As we know later on the story Philip realises the nature of the relationship his mother is experiencing with Mr. Nixon. Prior to this though there are many key events which take place and are significant to the outcome of the story. Just before the arrival of Mr. Nixon, Philip was anticipating excitedly the arrival of Agnes. He was also very pleased inwardly at his belief that his mother had concocted some sort of plan to unite him and Agnes. Previously he believed that Agnes and his mother have had no previous connections and he also thought that Agnes was staying in London. Philip says 'she had delightfully fibbed' when referring to this fact. He was now convinced that Agnes and his mother are involved in a surprise reserved for him and it is clear that he is fully immersed in this direction of thought. It is almost as if he is looking at this situation through a tunnel where there is only one way, which in this case is a plan made between Agnes and his mother. Of course the reader can quickly realise that Philips excitement is short lived. After 'trembling with expectation' instead of Agnes greeting him at the door it was Mr. Nixon. Philip did not instantaneously express his frustration and annoyance at this new development. Instead he described a bit of background information about Mr. Nixon and revealed his wealth and prosperity. He also revealed that Mr. Nixon was his 'mother's trustee'. He was completely unaware of the true nature of the relationship as he was blinded by the views shown by society as a whole at that time period. Philip was completely dismissing the fact that his mother could have a life involving anyone but him and he was also failing to acknowledge his mother as a fellow human being with the same rights as him. Again society plays a role in this because at the time women were seen as inferior to men and reiterates that Philip is a product of his environment and was born into this method of thinking. ...read more.


Philip says very clearly that he is embarrassed about his previous behavior. He says 'I was ashamed'. This is the ultimate proof to the reader that Philip is definitely aggrieved at his past actions and is looking to put them right. The word 'was' is used in order to covey that Philip was like this in the past but now he has changed. Another phrase Philip said was that 'I would not intrude my joys on her until the next morning'. This was the first selfless act Philip has done for his mother throughout the story. He is now sacrificing a bit of time to his mother so that she can enjoy a happy and joyous occasion in her life. Instead of trying to overshadow his mother's news he has kept quiet so his mother can allow herself to relax get composed and he will tell her his news the following day. This phrase also suggests that Philip understands that his mother's life does not revolve around him and other things could make her equally as happy and equally as pleased. The message of the story is represented as a whole in the final sentence of the story. 'We live and learn'. This is a sentence used to show that Philip is pleased with the fact that he was able to change his way of thinking and was able to finally change his views about his mother. It could also be a sentence used to try and influence society as a whole to change their way of thinking just as Philip did. The reader can infer from the last sentence that the writer himself is expressing his own views in order try and make the public notice quickly how they are actually behaving and how they should really conduct themselves. It is almost as if Arnold Bennett wants the reader to undergo their own sudden realization as to what is the truly correct way of behaving and whether or not they should follow some of the trends society has created ?? ?? ?? ?? Tayyab Hussain ...read more.

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