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Arthur Miller

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Arthur Miller Arthur Miller was born on October 17th 1915 in New York City. An American playwright, who combined social awareness with a searching concern for his characters' inner lives, He is best known for Death of a Salesman written in 1949. Miller was shaped by the Depression, which spelled financial ruin for his father, a small manufacturer, and demonstrated to the young Miller the insecurity of modern existence. After graduation from high school he worked in a warehouse. With the money he earned he attended the University of Michigan, where he began to write plays. His first public success was with Focus in 1945, a novel about anti-Semitism. All My Sons written in 1947 is a drama about a manufacturer of faulty war materials that strongly reflects the influence of Ibsen, was his first important play. ...read more.


Eventually even the most prominent members of the community find themselves charged, and the tension mounts as the central protagonist, John Proctor, must confess an earlier adultery in order to save his own wife from being hanged based upon charges brought by his former lover. However, because his wife lies about the adultery to save his name, the judges fail to believe his charges. Proctor is given the chance to save his own life by confessing to witchery and naming names, but chooses to die rather than betray his friends and neighbours. McCarthyism The late Joseph R. McCarthy, a United States Senator from Wisconsin, was in many ways the most gifted politician ever bred in the Untied States. The major phase of McCarthy's career was mercifully short. ...read more.


McCarthy was re-elected in 1952 and obtained the chairmanship of the Government Committee on Operations of the Senate and of its permanent subcommittee on investigations. For the next two years he was constantly in the spotlight, investigating various government departments and questioning innumerable witnesses about their suspected Communist affiliations. Although he failed to make a plausible case against anyone, his colourful and cleverly presented accusations drove some persons out of their jobs and brought popular condemnation to others. The persecution of innocent persons on the charge of being Communists and the forced conformity that this practice engendered in American public life came to be known as McCarthyism. Meanwhile, less flamboyant government agencies actually did identify and prosecute cases of Communist infiltration. ...read more.

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