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Assess the effectiveness of the visual and verbal response to 9/11

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Assess the effectiveness of the visual and verbal response to 9/11 It is an undisputed fact that 9/11 is one of the most infamous and life changing events in the western world in living memory. On the 9th of September 2001 2 planes hijacked by Muslim extremists devastated the 2 towers of the world trade centre killing over two thousand and five hundred people. The amount of media response to it has been immeasurable. One of the most famous pieces goes under the title of 9/11 released exactly a year later. Created by two French filmmakers with the intention of filming a documentary on the New York City fire service, this documentary has been of great importance especially since it contains the most famous and only shot of the first plane making contact. The famously opinionated journalist Salman Rushdie also did a piece on the event using his unique satirical style. The documentary begins with a 3 minute summary which in itself is worthy of analysis. One of the first shots is of the towers at sunset bathed in a red glow and a solitary seagull passing by. ...read more.


Showing how horrific this event must be in order to shake those who are normally so emotionally detached and sound. This is then used to emphasise their bravery as, despite their obvious fear and disbelief, at the word of their captain they speedily make their way up into the burning chaos. The other media response to the momentous event is an article by Salman Rushdie, the controversial author of The satanic verses a book focusing on a very sensitive issue about the works of Mohammed. As such he is no stranger to the Islamic issue and his opinion holds a lot of weight. He attempts to put the article across in such a way that the reader will sympathize with him, this is shown in the first line of the piece where immediately he admits he has made poor judgements on the homeland security issue. He refers to an article he wrote the year before where he stated that "the defining struggle of the new age would be between Terrorism and Security" and how he worried that to "live by the security experts' worst case scenarios might be to surrender too many of ...read more.


the future, also reusing the light metaphor, by writing "and we must now ensure that the wound is not mortal, that the world of what is seen triumphs over what it cloaked, what is perceptible only through the effects of its awful deeds." To conclude, from assessing the verbal and visual responses to 9/11 it should be said that this verbal response is not so much an emotional response, in that it does not wrap the reader up in a hysterical emotional whirlwind but instead lends itself to the more rational consideration with a hint of emotive language to substantiate the readers intellectual interest. Whereas the visual response is quite the opposite, not providing much factual or rational information of the event but rather bombarding the viewer with some very disturbing imagery, not as an attempt at emotional manipulation but simply to put across the horrific mayhem of the event in such a way that the viewer can come much closer to true empathy with those involved (which could otherwise have probably not been achieved so effectively.) As such they are both very effective at the goal which they are attempting to achieve. ...read more.

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