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At last we arrived at the Brighton pier. It was a really nice day.

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Creative writing coursework It was sunny morning and the birds were whistling on the dull tree where leaves would rarely grow due to the dry season. Me and my family were thinking to go somewhere special due to the thrilling weather. We eventually thought of an idea to go to the beach. So we got all packed, got all the towels, our underwear's and of course the swimsuits. As we got in to the car, we nearly forgot our house keys but our special cuddly puppy which is only 8 months old came barking at the front of the car with the house keys so we decided to take him as well. Mummy had said she was going to leave him with the neighbours. As the boring journey took hours and hours we decided to take a break. It was quite a damp for the first half of the journey due my dads car air conditioning wasn't working and it was getting hotter and hotter by latterly minutes, it was reaching up to 40 c. so we all had chilled 1.5 litre of bottle of water each. Then we kept taking breaks and buying more bottles of water every 30 minutes or so. ...read more.


We all got our goggle and inserted them into our sensitive eyes so we don't get red eyes as my mum always tells me that always wear goggles when you go swimming. So the race begun and I came last in most of the races. Then I we had a competition that who can hold their breath for longer under the water last one under the water wins and they get rewarded to decide where to go next Sunday. So 1 ... 2 ... 3... GO!! As my mum shouted. We could all see each other and had a waterproof stop watches as well, the stop watches was ticking to thirty five seconds when a MASSIVE creature came storming at the speed of lighting and bit my dad on the toes where he recently had a operation and everyone was screaming at the Brighton pier. Then my mum shouted RUUUNN! The creature was chasing my family as if we had murdered the creature's family or someone related to the creature. The creature was an unknown creature. We ran as fast as we can to save our life breathing heavily and gasping, the water we drunk during the journey of the way was dribbling like tap water out of our wet mouths. ...read more.


it turns into a creature, so we asked the doctor where could have he disappeared the doctor replied that he's inside daddy's body and that the only way it can be gone forever was by using a fire extinguisher because the creature is like a fire it can kill you if you leave it there for a while or if u use a fire extinguisher it will gradually go away completely . As we heard news that daddy was conscious my mum ran and broke the steel door with a hammer and said "ohh my god why did it had to happen to you" and shouted out "thanks god your feeling much better now" as she said that the creature came alive again out of daddy's body and my mum quickly rushed to get the fire extinguisher and she pulled the security strip off and fired at the dirty creature while she was crying deeply again and was shouting " you ****ing creature I hate you go away from my family's life". After that day we never thought of buying a dog or going to the beach again. We were luckily saved from a dirty disaster, thanks to the intelligent doctors working at Brighton helped out my gorgeous lovely caring dad. Map The creature ...read more.

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