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Atticus - creative writing.

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Adam long Atticus I was in a little dream world inside my newspaper when I heard some cars pull up out side the jail. I folded my paper and put on my lap so I could investigate the situation. I could see there were four cars with a couple of men in each one. I could not make out who the men were just dark, bold figures. I felt a little worried about this because for all I know these men could be murderers or wanting to start trouble. I had prepared my self for someone trying to start trouble, I would keep cool and try make them leave with no one getting hurt. As the men got out of the cars and started walking towards me I could see how many there were. I started to get worried because I know if these men were here to make trouble there would be no way I could stop them. ...read more.


Before I could speak I could see Jem and Dill come into the light and stood next to scout. I was even more shocked than I was with scout because Jem should of known better. I stood up slowly and put my newspaper on the chair. I was so scared for my children's safety I was trembling. I looked at my son and asked him to go home and to take Scout and Dill with him. I couldn't believe my son just stood there and disobeyed Me. I think he understood that I was in danger and that's why he stayed but I was a little disappointed that he didn't do as I had asked. I told him again to go home and he shook his head. I was stunned that he still was disobeying me. Now I started to get very displeased with him so I told him once again but in a firmer voice so he knew I was not joking. ...read more.


I was shocked to see Scout completely un afraid and still talking to Walter. Scout looked at me and asked me what's the matter. I was so speechless, I could only stare at her. As Scout turned to Walter he lent down and said "I'll tell him you said hey, little lady" he finally replied. Then he stood up and shouted, "Lets clear out, lets get going boys". As they started getting back into their cars I felt myself starting to cry. I felt relief and I felt proud of my children. I was glad it was over. I tried to hide my teas from the children, so I walked up to the jail wall and lent on it. Scout came over to me and asked "can we go home now". I nodded and wiped my eyes and blew my nose. I was so glad nothing bad had happened. As we started to walk back to the car Scout and Dill were behind Jem and me. "I'm proud of you son" I said to Jem and ruffled his hair. I didn't look him in the eyes because I felt myself crying again. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Harper Lee section.

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