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Atticus Finch - a brief discussion.

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Atticus is nearly fifty years old and a single parent to Jem and Scout. Their mother died when Jem was very young so he barely remembers her. The children have two mother like figures to look up to and talk to, Calpurnia and Miss Maudie. Calpurnia is the finch family cook but she plays a big part in the bringing up of Jem and Scout. ...read more.


The children also respect Atticus, they show this by sometimes referring to Atticus as, "sir". Atticus isn't like a normal father he would to prefer to read a book than to play football with his children. He plays football with scout but doesn't want to tackle each other because he says he is too old. Scout and Jem get given air rifles for Christmas but Atticus won't teach them how to shoot. ...read more.


She tells them how Atticus was called, "one shot finch", when he was younger, how he could beat everyone at chequers this side and the other side of the river and that he could play the Jews harp. Atticus is a very honourable man, he is a lawyer. Atticus is asked to defend a Negro, Tom Robinson in court and does so. Scout gets picked on at school because of this. Cecil Jacobs talks about Atticus being a "nigger lover", but he is just trying to make sure that Tom Robinson gets a fair trial. ...read more.

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