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Atticus Finch - To killl a mocking bird

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GCSE English Assignment: Prose Study To Kill a Mockingbird Explore how Harper Lee presents the personal and professional qualities of Atticus Finch. Harper Lee, the writer, has created Atticus Finch to be a conscientious, considerate character; that is a good father to his children and is greatly respected throughout Maycomb County. He treats his children with the utmost respect and is always there to help them along in life. The character of Atticus Finch is a strong believer in equality for all, he is not racist or sexist and even though few people at the time had similar views, he is not one to be afraid of voicing his opinions. The reader sees Atticus to be a good role model to his children, making sure that they are his top priority. Atticus and Scout have a pleasant relationship with each other. His character always seems to have time to sit down and listen to what she has to say and is always there to give a bit of advice: "Something wrong, Scout?" Even though in the novel Atticus is at work most days, he will always have time for what really matters. The writer presents him as being generally concerned about what Scout is saying and listens intently. ...read more.


Even though he is always willing to listen, I do not think that the character of Atticus would change his moral principles, he sticks by what he believes and what is important to him. In this instance, the reader can really see that even though his character may have great talents he is not one to flaunt and boast about them. The writer shows Atticus to be very tolerant, both with work and at home with his children. He sums up the situation before speaking and he is ready to open his mind to the other side of the argument: "I wish Bob Ewell wouldn't chew tobacco," This is a case of when Atticus shows immense tolerance, instead of fighting back he simply walks away and does not hold too much of a grudge. He does not discuss the incident again; he feels there is no point. The writer suggests that Atticus probably has his opinions, but he keeps them reasonably to himself. This is another one of Atticus's good characteristics which make up the character he is. Not only is the character of Atticus passionate about life, he is also very passionate about his job as a lawyer and a representative of Maycomb County. ...read more.


was the bravest man who ever lived" Because the novel is narrated by Scout it influences the readers' thoughts of what is going on. Scout is just a young girl in the novel and does not always understand everything to its true meaning. If you look at the shooting of the dog from a different perspective, other than Scout's, then you might think otherwise. Also because the novel is narrated by Scout you do not really see the other side of the argument, the reader just follows Scout's opinions and thoughts. In conclusion Atticus Finch is presented by Harper Lee to show professional qualities of high standards, never pre-judgemental and personal traits of non-racism, equality to all and a strong father figure. In my opinion, I think Atticus is a man that we should all look up to. Even though he is only a character created by Harper Lee, he is still a man that many of us would aspire to be like. He is kind-hearted and always there to stand up for righteousness in what he believes is justice. Also, he is strong minded, self confident and quite self dependant, which I see as many qualities I would like to have. If everyone had characteristics like Atticus Finch the world would be a better place. ?? ?? ?? ?? - 1 - ...read more.

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