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Autobiographical Accounts

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English Coursework - Autobiographical Accounts By Rob Mansfield 10FM Anecdote 'An Important Day to Remember' Four years of my life (including two at playschool) had finally culminated in a very exciting day for me - my first day at school. Waking up on that Monday morning however, I had no idea just how exciting it was going to be... Two years of my brother's stories about school were fresh in my mind, some sounded amazing, but some were downright scary - like the myth surrounding many schools - something about bullies, heads and toilet flushing. Nevertheless, I could barely wait to go. Looking back I can't believe I wasn't more apprehensive about the first day. Sure, there was nervousness and tension, but the sheer thought of going to what seemed like an adult place overcame that fear. The day started off as well as could be expected, I wasn't a complete loner, sitting on my own table, and the teacher seemed nice, although one boy had already got on the wrong side of him - a couple of moderately harsh words and he was flooding the table in tears. We were given a guided tour of the school, it seemed like acres and acres, but I'm sure if I went back now, it would seem like Toyland. After the tour though I felt more calm and relaxed, which is more than can be said for some. It was obvious as I looked around that many missed their parents; and that boy was still crying - something of annoyance to some, but humorous to most! ...read more.


This led directly into my first training session - and it was exactly as I had imagined. There were a few balls dotted around the pitch and we basically divided up and played a few games. I felt satisfied with what I did after the hour was up, and looked forward to the next training session. My debut for the team was the last of the team's pre-season friendlies. (I had missed the rest through a family holiday). The game was Ilminster Town vs. Chard Avishayes, the team's main rivals, not just because they were fairly equal in talent - the best teams in the league, but also because they were neighbouring towns. It seems silly talking about this 'huge' rivalry as if it were Arsenal and Manchester United but the team, me especially, were looking toward the game with as much hype as the FA Cup Final. After what seemed like a lecture-team-talk from Mike, the two teams marched out of the changing rooms like troops going into battle, in front of the twenty-something people watching, which included my dad. The game started on an even footing, both teams losing possession every few seconds because lets face it, there were no Ronaldos or Thierry Henrys on the pitch that cold, wet Sunday morning. The matches for the under 10 league only lasted about twenty minutes each way because no-one had the energy, or the determination to go any longer. So anyway, after a few minutes of embarrassingly-poor possession by both sides, one of the Avishayes defenders slipped over into a muddy puddle, allowing Ilminster captain Louis Rideout to run onto it, myself running square alongside. ...read more.


We all felt like that was it-our last chance for a consolation. But as we looked over at the coach, he gestured that there was three minutes remaining. The response to that hand signal was overwhelming. The entire team gained a new hope and played well enough to surpass even Mike's high expectations. Tackles were superbly timed, passes were inch perfect - Avishayes were stunned silent, not to mention Mike, whose jaw had dropped several inches. A thirty yard cross, which David Beckham himself would have been proud of was aimed at me and I controlled it well. I was on the right-hand side of the pitch, with Louis Rideout adjacent. This was a reminiscent scene of the earlier goal, only that Louis and I had switched roles. Remembering what Louis had done earlier so well, inspired me to try and do what he had previously performed. I slid the ball through the defenders legs, and then ran, perhaps faster than I had ever run before, after the ball. The defender had no chance of catching me as I approached the penalty area. I looked up, and seeing that Louis was in space I played a sublime pass straight to his feet as he smashed it into the top-right hand corner. Despite the fact that we lost the game miserably, we left the game in high spirit. I was awarded the prestigious Man of the Match award, as the whole team congratulated me. I climbed into bed so overjoyed that night; the award was on my desk. I fell asleep peacefully, dreaming about the season that patiently lay ahead. By Rob Mansfield 10FM ...read more.

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