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Autobiographical Writing.

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Autobiographical Writing Buzz. That's the alarm. I guess it must be 7.30 I reached from my warm quilt to activate the snooze button to grab an extra six minutes kip. Just turning over and getting comfy. Buzz. There it goes again. At this point I've also got my mom shouting up the stairs "Ian you're going to be late for school if you miss the bus I'm not taking you" I kicked off the covers and dragged myself onto my feet. Half an hour later I was out the door jogging for the bus as it came up the hill. "Ian put your shoes on before you come to class, Ian take your coat off and sit down, make it look like your staying." What a way to start the day nag nag nag. First lesson maths, "Ian take your coat off and sit down, Ian stop talking and pay attention." ...read more.


"Ian are you alright?" all the lads were shouting to me as I walked up the hill to Mr. Roycroft "Ian follow me mate I will take you to the office, that looks nasty I think you'll have to go to the hospital." Before you know it I was in the office with a crowd of spectators outside the door. If I had charged I would of made a fortune! In comes my sister "Oh my God. Oh my God, Ian are you alright? Does mom know yet?" Lying on the hospital bed with my shoes off everything started to sink in. Now the shock had passed the pain started to kick in I wasn't even aloud pain killers until my parents arrived WHERE ARE THEY! First on the scene dad calm as ever "Oh dear you've made a mess of that haven't you son what's happening has anyone seen you yet." ...read more.


"Ian are you alright do you want me to prop up your pillows." So in 24 hours I have got my arm in plaster to the shoulder I am lying in the same place as before, and I am in more pain now than when I did it. Next day nothing has changed not been out of bed and now I know these four walls just as well as the corridor outside the math's room. "Ian I have some good news for you its time to go home and you will have to have six weeks off school." That was the best news I had heard all year six weeks off school. Well I have had a really good rest without anybody nagging at me how long will that last I wonder? "Ian your teas ready. Are you listening to me? I hope you have been doing some of your school work. Ian answer me! Didn't last very long I think I am going to change my name to Paul! ...read more.

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