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Autobiography - creative writing.

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AUTOBIOGRAPHY The 4th of February 1997, a day filled with extremes of joy and misery that I had never encountered in my life before. Those particular twenty-four hours consisted of two major events that completely turned my life around, throwing me into utter turmoil and disarray. I first heard the good news as I was leaving my primary school at about 3.30pm with my younger brothers, when we bumped into one of our cousins who told us about the new bundle of joy who was a boy. I was extremely happy to hear about the new arrival in the family, before I even reached my front door step I was practically skipping all the way home with euphoria exploding like sparkling fireworks in my soul. When I entered the house, I expected it to be filled with happiness and bliss but instead it was silent. I wandered about thinking, "What was wrong?" I looked closely at my auntie's face, who was looking after us. Her beautiful face that was usually plastered with a smile, now looked pale and puffy. I dared not ask her what was wrong and acted as though everything was fine. But the problem was that nothing was fine. I felt that deep down, something was terribly wrong and I just had to find out. At the time I had this desperate need and urgency to find out everything I could. I couldn't stand secrets, especially ones that were kept away from me. I asked my aunty how my mum was and then went upstairs. As I walked up the stairs all these different possibilities came bubbling up inside my head until I felt as if it was boiling. ...read more.


I squeezed them hard for a few seconds and then lay awake in bed for a minute or so- thinking. From the second I was able to open my eyes, reality hit me. I remembered what had happened earlier on in the morning. I let a few teardrops roll down my cheek, not bothering to wipe them away with the back of my hand. I dropped my head on to the pillow I was clutching and groaned. I wasn't ready to go downstairs and face everybody, but I also knew that if I left it for too long then somebody might get suspicious. After having a quick wash and getting dressed, when I finally had the courage to go downstairs and was convinced that my eyes didn't look red, I sensed that there was a tense atmosphere enveloping the whole house in a fog of downhearted grief. I heard voices coming from the kitchen and recognised them instantly belonging to my aunty, aunty in law and next-door neighbour. I weakly walked in and as I did, the room fell silent and all pair of eyes was looking at me as if I was a hardened criminal. Everyone sat around the huge mahogany table, each with a cup of tea set in front of them- cold by the looks of it. It was obvious that everyone in our house had lost his or her eating habit. By the look on everybody's face and their weak attempts at hiding the misery, I didn't think they were at all aware that I was awake at the time when the phone call arrived from Bangladesh. ...read more.


I knew why they were coming to our house so often and at the time I felt annoyed and had the awareness that they were intruding and that their presence was a constant reminder of my grandma, but now I know and understand that they were doing everything possible to help and make things easier for my mum. That day, the phone rang non- stop and each time it was someone other than my mum answering the phone. On one call however, my mum picked up the phone. She didn't say anything for a moment and then suddenly said, "Who are you? What's wrong with my mother?" At that instant my aunty grabbed the phone from my mum's hand and demanded to know who it was. I stood on the staircase and watched everything take place before my own two eyes. My aunty was red in the face now, as whoever was talking to my mum less than thirty seconds a go was no longer speaking. I could see the anger in her eyes. I didn't think I'd ever seen her this furious- she was practically breathing fire. My aunty stared at what seemed like the silent receiver and shuddered before placing it back on the hook. My mum stood motionless and then collapsed to the floor. No one said a word for a minute, which seemed like eternity. My mum burst into out of control tears and we all got a gesture that we wouldn't need to tell her anything, because she already knew. BY SHAHINUR RAHMAN 10K A TRAUMATIC EVENT AND HOW I SURVIVED IT BY SHAHINUR RAHMAN 10K - 1 - ...read more.

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