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Autobiography - creative writing.

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I was riding my bike chasing my mate like any 11year old kid dose when disaster strikes. It all started on a sunny Saturday morning when my friend Paul knocks at my house he said get your bike so I ask my mum if I could take it out, bad decision. So I went out, about four hours later Paul decides he wants to tease me so me being me couldn't ignore him and chased him on my bike. ...read more.


After he realised what had happened he ran in to get his mum. We lived close so when his mum came out he ran and got my mum & dad. Paul's mum came and put a pillow under my head by this time I was all most asleep. Every time I went to fall asleep Paul's mum said, "wake up wake up". My dad came running down while my mum rang for an ambulance for about ten minutes before the ambulance came they tried to keep me awake. ...read more.


When he come back he said he would have to cut my hair .I thought to myself "first I crack my head open then I find out my head has to be glued and now I have to have my hair cut things could not get any worse." So I had my hair cut & head glued .By this time it was 6:30pm almost 4 hours after I did my flip on my bike and by this time I was absolutely exhausted I had been thought a lot in one day. ...read more.

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