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Autobiography of Ahmed Mohamoud.

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Autobiography Name: Ahmed Mohamoud D.O.B: 13/11/88 Birthplace: England City of Birth: London My name is Ahmed Mohamoud and I was born in the city of London in England in the year 1988. My parents came to England in the summer of 1985 (July to be precise). At the time my mother and father got married a year earlier. They settled down in London in an area called Manor Park they lived there for a few years before they had to move when my older sister was born. It was 21.05.1987 when my sister was born if only I was born first things could have been so much different. When they moved they moved to a place called Plaistow they moved there to a big white house that had five rooms two toilets a basement and attic and a big garden. My parents were preparing for my birth and they were sure it would be any day soon. I can't remember nothing all I know is what my mother told me and that is I was born seven in the morning and I weight 3lb. ...read more.


Reception was very much like nursery but we actually started to learn are alphabet and started counting numbers. I remember when I was in reception we had this chair called the birthday chair; if it was your birthday you would actually have some liberties. You would get the chance to bring in sweets and share it out with your classmates and to your friends around the school. The thing is when it was my birthday I didn't get the chance to sit on that chair because I forget it was my birthday. Between reception and the beginning of year one me and my family had to move houses because the family was getting big and we couldn't live in the same house because there were around nine of us living under one roof (my grandmother and my aunt had moved in with us). On the day I had to leave I Was quite upset because I had to leave my friends that I had been a good friend with and I also liked the area we lived in. On the day we left I can remember helping my father and uncle load a van. ...read more.


Year seven was like a beginning of a new era back in year six we were the biggest but in year seven we were the smallest. I made new friends in year seven and it was different to been in year six. Firstly we had to carry bags with lots of books in them and then we virtually had homework everyday. I was getting a lot of education and the standards from year six and year seven were different because we didn't have to learn hard things such as algebra and goniometry. In year nine I had to prepare for my SATs I didn't bother to learn much. I don't know why but even thought I didn't learn much I still passed and I was there at the top with the clever people in my class. Year ten was the year before I had to do my GCSEs I had tom learn a lot. I think I have done everything with in my power to ensure that I pass these GCSEs. I am currently preparing for my GCSEs and will live life on from there. Like every one I have my ambitions (but I will only reveal them after I have done my GCSEs). I wouldn't want to embarrass my self. Ahmed Mohamoud Yr 11 ...read more.

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