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Awaiting His Return

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AWAITING HIS RETURN Drip. Drip. Drip. In the heartbeat of a moment, each drip hammered at the blackened wood door enclosing me in my tomb. Inky blackness surrounded my eyes like a phantom's cloak robbing my eyes of light, sensation, and life. My tongue was dry, my mouth parched, and my lips cracked. I craved the taste of blood; the yearning was incessant and gnawing. I cringed. The screeching of the door beside me brought me back to reality. My hands leapt to the wal, my mouth whispering to the only friend I have ever known. The demon haf come for her and though I only had a moment of her touch, her finger upon mine through a hole in the wall, I knew her heart raced when she saw him. ...read more.


It crept in the darkness flowing from the adjacent floor onto mine, slipping into my tomb unannounced and greeting my feet with the last consoling remnants, the sticky wet warmth of my only friend. I sobbed uncontrollably as waves of mixed terror, pain and fear swept over me. I heard him now outside my door, whistling as his nose sucked in air. His hands were red with her essence and her hair twisted around his fingers like shackles. I scurried to the far corner of my tomb as its fingernails scraped across the wood panelled door. His hair obscured his face but his wine-coloured eyes glared at me through the narrow slits in the door. He watched me like a cat does a scared rabbit trapped in its warren. ...read more.


I saw him, his wicked smile curving from ear to ear. Tremendous fear consumed me as I pressed my body against the wall. Tears evaporated from my face like rivers forging new paths as my lips trembled intensely. He had come for me. Snapped awake from the darkness of my own mind, I gazed into the blue eyes of my doctor who by hypnosis sought to gain that memory of my father's face, his features, his eyes, his mouth, and his formidable gaze that pierced flesh, bone, marrow, and the soul. What I did not want to see ever again was his face and his piercing gaze staring back at me. It gripped me like it had when I was a child in his grip, yearning for escape. And now he is loose upon the world again, to haunt my world, yours, heaven protect us all. ...read more.

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