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Awakening from a maze of deep thoughts, confused and undecided between reality and dreams.

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Awakening from a maze of deep thoughts, confused and undecided between reality and dreams. I struggle to recognise a faint buzzing sound, which soon enough increases in volume to a startling alarm. My heart beat races as I furiously search for the clock. Which at this point has become so loud the whole house has woken up. I finally grasp a tall silver mechanism and slam the nearest buttons until it eventually stops. I sigh in relief and slump back under the warm duvets. Saturday morning. I lay still for a minuet taking in the atmosphere of the room. Light glistens on the rims of my tilted blind creating the illusion of water on my windowsill. A row of neatly arranged, polished trophies stand in order of size either side a photograph of a treasured moment of success, framed in pine. I smile to my self until my eyes wander to the not so organised pile of clothes and tack scattered on the floor. ...read more.


The scent of burnt toast reaches my room that explains where mum is! I collect my old trusty rucksack from the closet, It was once beige but now seems to be a more of a greyish colour with a pocket full of polo wrappers and a worn strap but still I could never part with it. I had already packed the bag the night before but check that I have everything. Spurs, lunch, money polo's, bottled water phone and keys. Unusual but great I'm actually getting somewhere today when it comes to organisation. I avoid conversation with mum to prevent frustration, so I shout through to the kitchen; "Mum I'm going, will call you later" in a relatively cheerful voice "Have you got everything, be careful on the yard..." "Ok thanks bye" I leave quickly before she leads on to a lecture over some pointless chore I've missed. ...read more.


I look back on my tracks with satisfaction 'one of these days I will do that with ease' Coming up to the entrance of the yard I can already smell the sweet smell of hay. It's a familiar smell but still gives me an excited feeling as it did eleven years ago when I first set foot on the yard. I forget about my aching muscles and hurry straight to the barn. Once I've parked my bike in the closest possible place. I reach the end of a block of stables trimmed with silver cobwebs. I slowly walk to the end. The only sounds are the grinding of teeth on hay and my own footsteps, which echo down the block. This is soon accompanied by a deep whinny as a dark bay head appears around the corner of the stable door. Her white blaze stands out next to her glossy coat. Ears pricked, she welcomes me nudging me and breathing warm air down my neck with affection. These wide brown eyes are what make early mornings worthwhile. ...read more.

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