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Ballads essay

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Ballads Essay Ballads are folk songs that tell a story. In the past when there was no media, Ballad singers would go around houses asking if anything had happened. They then would remember this piece of news and would go around spreading it. Ballads only include the main detail so people listen to them. They were usually about murders, mysteries and disasters. In this essay I will include the language features of Ballads and the storyline. I will also write about which ballads I have read and whether I have enjoyed them or not. Ballads share many different language features. One of the language features used is repetition. Repetition occurs in "what has happened to Lu-Lu?" "What has happened to Lu-Lu mother?" ...read more.


In what has happened to Lu-Lu? All the stanzas have the same amount of lines. This made it easier to remember for Ballad Singers .In What has happened to Lu Lu? There are similes this is one "I heard an engine roar". This helps you imagine what the sound of the engine is like. In the Greshford Disaster there are also similes "What packed like snow in a drift" This helps you imagine what the gas in the Dennis looked like, there would be lots of gas in the coal mine and you wouldn't be able to see anything like in a snow drift. Many Ballads are about love but some of them are about other things like mysteries and disasters. ...read more.


Also people like listening and reading about other people and things that are happening in the rest of the world. I have read a number of Ballads foe example The ballad of Hillsborough" The Greshford Disaster, What has happened to Lu-Lu and The ballad of Charlotte Dymond. Although my personal favorite is "Frankie and Johnny. "The storyline of the ballad is about two people who are madly in love and in the end they betray each other .My favourite part is when Frankie takes the trigger out of her kimona. The poet says "Frankie threw back her kimona took out a big 44 Root a toot toot three times she shoot." I thought this was effective because it puts you in suspense of what Frankie is going to do. I would recommend ballads to people who are fond of reading and writing poems because ballads contain the same language features that poems include. ...read more.

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