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Ballard of Kissing Kate Barlow

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Ballard of Kissing Kate Barlow Green Lake was the place to be With a lake so deep and blue Meadows full of lush green grass Peach trees full of dew Young Kate Barlow at her desk Children sitting still Miss Barlow teaches Literacy In the school that has a chill Cooking was Kate's strong point Spiced peaches were the best In competitions throughout the year Kate always beat the rest So Kate used this to her advantage Bribe was the only way She'd get young Sam to fix the school Later on that day Young Sam the Onion Man His donkey Mary-Lou Took a shine to pretty Kate Barlow And came to the rescue Why do you need my help dear ...read more.


Kate thought about the other jobs That needed expert care Helpful Sam was just the man She knew he would be there To see fair Kate would make Sam's day His heart was all a flutter His stomach was performing somersaults He'd developed quite a stutter The work was finished at the school No jobs were left to do No more Sam to visit Kate But the school was good as new Kate discovers her love for Sam She meets him in the street Not knowing that they have been seen Sam kisses her on the cheek When Kate arrived at work next day She met an angry mob The school was all lit up in flames She felt like she could ...read more.


Are you my friend of foe?" "If you kiss me I will Help" "NO you drunken man" With that Kate hit him to the ground And ran to meet her man Sam was waiting in the boat Mary-Lou left on the shore Green Lake was their second home And would be for ever more Kate and Sam were soon stopped By motor boat and all Sam and Mary-Lou were shot A tragedy for all Three day had passed since Sam's killing Kate needs a sweet revenge She killed the Sheriff and planted a kiss That was her avenge Her life of crime had just began It spanned over twenty years A meeting with yellow-spotted lizard Was bound to bring a tear! But Kate died laughing! By Felicity Blandford ...read more.

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