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Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang! That is how I wake up on a typical college day. It is my mother making this racket she is indicating for me to get up for college,

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Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang! That is how I wake up on a typical college day. It is my mother making this racket she is indicating for me to get up for college, as it is 7:30am. I usually stay in bed for five or ten minutes trying to prepare myself to get up and dressed. On a typical day at college I like to wear jeans when they are clean and ironed and my favourite jumper, which is a red Yankees top, it is much better than at school where you had to wear a school uniform that was hideous and very uncomfortable. When I have eventually completed the worse task in the morning (getting up) I slowly and I mean slowly walk down the stairs. Mornings for me are not a rush at all; I get up at 7:30am so I can take it easy. As I walk into the living room my poor excuse for a dog, Zuki, jumps up at me and tries its best to lick me as much as it can, it is very irritating. I am usually the second one up in the entire house, the first person up is obviously my mother followed by myself and five minutes later Sean and Jack stumble in. ...read more.


Personally myself I like to go to Walkers house, as it is only about five minutes away from college, here we sit and watch various music channels on Sky. At break a large group of my friends and myself stand outside under one of the numerous trees that are outside the student entrance. Here we just talk about life and what's happening in each of ours. One of my Friends, Adam, has a cigarette. This brings me to one of my dislikes about college, the amount of people that smoke within the college. But one of my major likes about college is the fact that there are lots of new and interesting people to meet and make friends with. My favourite subject in college is Business Studies as I find it the most interesting as I haven't studied it before, but the subject which I find easiest is Maths as I enjoy maths alot and feel I am quiet good at it and find it appealing which is the reason why I now study it at A level. My most disliked subject is Key Skills. It is the dullest subject of all, all of my friends agree it is a mind-numbing lesson and it is such a complete waste of time. ...read more.


Kelly is cool, I adore Kelly she is the most outgoing, friendly, cheery and bubbly person I have ever met. Kelly is twenty years old but she is still cool. To relax there we lay on Kelly's huge bed, having a drink, watching a video or listening to music. At 10:00pm I set of home on my bike. In my entire life Mandy and Kelly Coates have had the biggest influence on me. They have made me the bright, cheery, bubbly, optimistic person that I am today. The one thing I couldn't live without in the entire world, apart from food and water is my gorgeous girlfriend Mandy Coates I couldn't live without her love towards me. My life totally revolves around Mandy and our great relationship. The one thing that can make me laugh or smile on the spot is Kelly. Things that frighten me the most in this weird and wacky world are any people close to me like Mandy, Kelly my family or friends getting hurt I cant bare seeing the people I love upset or hurt. The biggest achievement in my life is my lasting relationship with Mandy, we have lasted one year and three months and I hope that it lasts forever more. Lee Fletcher ...read more.

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