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Baz luhrman offers his cinema audience a very contemporary interpretation of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Using act1, scene four and five, discuss how the director constructs a modern film adapt ion to appeal his audience.

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Baz luhrman offers his cinema audience a very contemporary interpretation of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Using act1, scene four and five, discuss how the director constructs a modern film adapt ion to appeal his audience. Play particular attention to changes h made to Shakespeare's original play and film language. In this essay, I will be writing about Romeo and Juliet using act 1 scene four and five. I will be describing how the director constructs a modern film adaptation to appeal his audience. There are two kinds of versions in this film. The old version was made by Franco Zeffirellis in 1968. The new version was made by Baz Luhrman in 1997. Franco Zeffirellis wanted his film to be very genuine. The costumes, setting and choice of actors have demonstrated this perfectly. In other hand Baz Luhrman's Romeo and Juliet are very modern type of actors. Instead of swords, they used guns and instead of market place they fought in a petrol station. Also the type of costumes wore by the luhrman film was very modern. Capulet's family wore suit and tie to give them a better looks around there area, while Montague's family wore casual Hawaii shirts. Baz Luhrman film was set in fictional Latino quarter, Verona beach in America. Luhrman opens the scene at a patrol station, things happened quickly. ...read more.


While than Romeo exist the scene. Juliet talks with the nurse, Juliet says to the nurse, "Go ask his name----- IF he's married"? The nurse replies that he 'Romeo' and one of the Montague's, "The only son of your great enemy". Juliet turns aside from the nurse who overhears part of her speech. The rhyme, antitheses, and paradoxes betray Juliet's anguish of heart. She will love a loathed enemy. The fifth scene ends. This scene introduced moment of calm after the madness and the noisiness of the previous action where Mercutio and the Montague's are preparing to gatecrash the party. When Romeo meets Juliet at Capulet feast everything was quiet, so the reader can focus on the characters. This scene shows a contrast between the superficial and mercenary love of Paris, the sordid affair between Tybalt and lady Capulet and the pure, true love of Romeo and Juliet. I think that this is very interesting scenes to watch because it is a party scene where everyone is enjoying. Baz Luhrman film is set at fictional Latino quarter, Verona beach in America. The location of luhrman film was very different to Zefferellis version. In zefferellis version the Capulet's are dressed in yellow and red clothes, while the Montague's are dressed in Blues. In Luhrman Montague's version they wore beach type of clothes which were colourful and the Capulet's were in tight black leather clothes or in suits. ...read more.


the acting of Mercutio and Tybalt has been used differently to attract different audiences. By this I mean Mercutio is vitality, cynicism, insolence, and irrepressible bawdiness which make him a brilliantly effective stage actor. The audience who likes this kind of actor or language might be interested in him/her. Both movies were excellently produced but I personally prefer Luhrman version of Romeo and Juliet because it is much more modern and I can relate to it. Zefferellis version of Romeo and Juliet is very well made and had a lot of thought put into it but it won't appeal to everybody because it is aimed at Shakespeare fans. Also the language used in zefferellis film was difficult to understand and especially the nation of today. Probably when Zefferellis first made this film, everyone might have been interested in it because everyone might have spoken in the same way as they did in Zefferellis film. Understanding the language probably wasn't that difficult for them, especially if you were a poetry writer, but I like Luhrman film better because it has more action, strong language, and very well made by using flashlights or doing fast motions. I like the acting and verse used by Romeo and Juliet. It was really amazing how both actors, 'Romeo' and 'Juliet' used rhyming couplets, and how they created images. Doing this as between me and my friend is really difficult and defiantly we need a lot understanding in the English language. ...read more.

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