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Beggar Woman

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How is love represented in different ways in the poems; The Beggar Woman by William King and Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy ? The Beggar Woman was written around 1663 to 1712, by William King. William King worked as a lawyer and judge but wrote poems as a hobby. It can be led to believe that his job may have influenced him to write the Beggar woman, because of some acts of injustice that he may have witnessed. Metaphysical and pastoral poetry was quiet a popular style of poetry with the upper class, therefore this is the kind of poetry you may expect from an upper class gentleman. William King, however, chose to write his poem in the style of a Broadside Ballad. Broadside ballads were for the middle classes and for the poor mainly because they were so cheap and the writing used was everyday language. The story within the poem is about a gentleman from the upper class who, whilst he is out hunting, wants to do another kind of 'sport', i.e. looking for a woman to have sex with. ...read more.


She shows him that he can't do things without suffering the consequences of his actions; there is also a serious message behind the humorous language used. The theme of the poem is to explore how the poor are treated. It shows the war with the upper classes against the lower ones. It also explores how the rich exploit the poor and get away with it without facing the consequences. Valentine was written by Carol Ann Duffy in the 20th century. She grew up in a working class family and wrote poems for a living. She was also the first Poet Laureate to be chosen in the 21st century. Her poems may have been influenced by her opinions towards sexuality as she is a bisexual. The two poets are from different period of times and have different backgrounds and have different views on love but they both have the same purpose to write. They are both writing to entertain people and to show that love is not as simple as the society of their time thinks. It is also to persuade her audience that love needs to be truthful for e.g. ...read more.


She looks at the non-romantic side of love instead she looks at all the different aspects of love which make a health true honest relationship. She wants to show the truth about love through this poem. 'I give you an onion... Not cute card or a kiss gram.' This quote shows the theme of a non-romantic love by telling the truth about love. She uses the metaphor of the onion to show us how love really is. Carol Ann Duffy wants to tell us that love is not about getting someone a present or expensive chocolate but is about the understanding of the true meaning of love. She also shows us that there is a possibility of breaking up but there is also a possibility of taking your love to new level. She explores all the different aspects of love. Love is represented in The Beggar Woman differently to the way it is represented in the Valentine as The Beggar Woman only shows one side of love, being that it only shows wanting something from someone rather than loving them. Carol Ann Duffy wants the people to understand the true meaning of love where as William king is trying to show how the upper classes are exploiting the lower ones. ...read more.

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