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Believe that it would have been harder for Conan Doyle to write detective stories than Colin Dexter; this is because now there is a lot of forensic science that helps Inspector Morse to solve his cases, but Conan Doyle

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Compare and Contrast two crime writers who used clever detectives as their main characters Sherlock Holmes was created by one of the most famous crime writers from the pre-20th century; his originators name was Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes is identified by most people from his famous phrase, "Elementary my dear Watson". However, a lot of the readers of Conan Doyle would realize that Sherlock Holmes under no circumstances actually used the phrase. Sir Author Conan Doyle was an intelligent doctor who used his knowledge to write novels. His Sherlock Holmes stories were used in Egypt and China as part of their official police training. This confirms that Sherlock Holmes is exceptionally eminent around the world; it also establishes that Conan Doyle was a man of great intelligence. Equally, one of the most well-known and popular 20th century crime writers Colin Dexter also used a clever detective as his main character. His character was entitled 'Inspector Morse'. Colin Dexter's stories are set in the 20th century, in North Oxford. Therefore the settings in his stories were also typical 20th century people, buildings and cars. In Colin Dexter's stories men and women are both considered to be equal. ...read more.


But Sherlock Holmes knew his actual identity by his detective skills. The King claims that he is being blackmailed by a woman by the name of Irene Adler. She is blackmailing him because they had a love affair, and the King has decided to get married to the daughter of the King of Scandinavia, and he is due to announce his engagement in three days time, therefore he wishes to keep his affair with Irene Adler a secret. But, Irene Adler has a photograph of the King and her, and she threatens to reveal it on the day of the engagement. The King wants Sherlock Holmes to get hold of that photograph; he gives Sherlock Holmes a bag of gold and notes to be getting on with. Holmes discovers that Irene Adler is to marry another man. He then disguises himself as a clergyman and sets off to Irene Adler's house. Holmes very cleverly goes through a procedure to discover where the photograph is hidden. When Holmes and Watson go to Irene Adler's house the next day, they are told that she has left England. This lady also gives Sherlock Holmes an envelope addressed to him. ...read more.


Vulgar language would be forbidden in the time of Conan Doyle, the pre-20th century. However, in 'Inspector Morse' the language would be of a mixture of standard and non-standard English. Profanities are allowed in this time; as a result the reader would find the odd swear words. The average reader of a broadsheet would find it easier to read the stories of Colin Dexter than the average reader of a tabloid. It was very enjoyable to read and to study about the two crime writers, Colin Dexter and Conan Doyle. I discovered that they both used excellent detective techniques, which made their stories very interesting. I believe that it would have been harder for Conan Doyle to write detective stories than Colin Dexter; this is because now there is a lot of forensic science that helps Inspector Morse to solve his cases, but Conan Doyle came up with the most fascinating ways to solve the cases in his stories. This is what makes me feel that Conan Doyle was a better writer than Colin Dexter. After reading Conan Doyle's stories I feel that he must have been a very wise man. However, I did enjoy Inspector Morse, because I found his character very peculiar compared to other crime detectives. MOHAMMAD SADIQUE ...read more.

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