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Between one panicstricken yell and another, he heard thunderous waves roaring as they engulfed and crushed their way through Phuket.

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´╗┐Turmoil had spread in a blink of an eye, and the peaceful Phuket would soon become a graveyard for hundred thousands. His heart thumped hard against his chest, pumping adrenaline throughout his trembling body. Pearl-sized sweat drops dripped along his jaw, down his neck and into his already sweat-drenched t-shirt. Each mouthful of the damp air felt stagnant and unreal. With his eyes set on the hill far in the distance, he darted away from the mad flow of people and weaved between the final buildings. Courageously turning around and peeking at the six-storey murky waters devouring the first buildings on the coast, he ditched his flip-flops mid-run and little jagged fragments dug into the soles of his feet. Nevertheless, they persistently pounded on the solid ground. Between one panic-stricken yell and another, he heard thunderous waves roaring as they engulfed and crushed their way through Phuket. ...read more.


The pink figure walks around the room persistently. I tense my arm, and find my sweaty hands gripping hard on the soft cotton blanket. Gently tilting my head, I see yellow and green blobs extending over a brown container. I watch it slowly darken again as a faint smell of what I thought seemed like boiled cabbage approaches me steadily. It was nearly January, yet the temperatures were as high as thirty-eight degrees. Phuket never fails to surprise tourists like me with its remarkable resorts and never ending heat wave. I gingerly followed my instinct and headed towards where I thought the beach was. Souvenir shop owners poked their heads out of the entrance and waved postcards, traditional Buddha statues, t-shirts and fake Ray-bans at every foreign passerby, me included. ?Hello handsome. You want Rayban? I give you Rayban. Cheap Rayban. ...read more.


Now the air smelled foul and more strangers joined the woman in pink to clean up the mess I made. I look at them apologetically and murmured ?sorry?. To my surprise, the beach stretched out for kilometres, and people crouched and were picking up something that was flapping around?ah, a fish out of water. My feet kicked into the soft blanket and I groaned in agony as the pain of tearing raw flesh shot up through the receptors cells. The nurse rushed over to me, pointing her skinny fingers towards my legs and then shaking her head disapprovingly. She walked out of the room at a brisk pace and back with some painkillers. ?What an enormous tide,? I thought to myself, standing there stupefied by the sight. I frowned in disbelief as the long horizon started to darken, literally out of the ?blue?. I squinted my eyes, only to see that the dark line was drawing closer and closer, clearer and clearer. The dark malicious waters of a monstrous wave advanced as everyone began screaming in horror. ...read more.

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