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Billy Prior-Character Study

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Billy Prior-Character Study * Prior is introduced in chapter 5 and is portrayed as very defensive 'he stares straight through you' Pg 41. * Prior is a 22-year-old second lieutenant whose neurosis manifests itself, initially, through an inability to talk or remember the events, which have led to his breakdown. * His is of a working-class background but his mother has done her best to push her son up the social ladder, regardless whether this is best for him. * Billy's mothers desire to better himself has resulted in a rebellious tendency to continually question authority which is shown in many of his dialogues with prior. ...read more.


He clearly has a deep desire to return to the front and prove to himself that he is not a coward but this feeling is reserved a little by self-preservation * Prior hides his feelings and this is shown in his writing. He is at times is quite satirical "not tonight, Wilhelm. I've got a headache"? * On page 49 he shows a more aggressive side when he is very aggressive towards rivers * He develops a relationship with Sarah a 'Geordie' girl on pages 89+130 * Prior stood up Sarah in the book which she did not like but it was because he had got back late the previous night when on his last expedition with Sarah. ...read more.


I'm not proud" This shows another side to prior and the lack of love he has felt whilst growing up. * By page 104 the hypnosis begins to work and gets to him and after a few meeting cry's. Prior grabs Rivers by the arms and began butting him in the chest. Hard enough to hurt. This shows how Rivers touched a nerve in the hypnosis and bridges are finally being crossed. * On page 105 we get to find out about his war experiences. Prior is a complex and confused character, who is lost and desperately in need of help. It is only when he is finally prepared to admit this to himself that his road to recovery can begin. Owen Taylor ...read more.

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