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Black Fairy Story-Exotic Food with a bit of Chianti - After reading "Captain Murderer" by Charles Dickens.

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Black Fairy Story-Exotic Food with a bit of Chianti (After reading "Captain Murderer" by Charles Dickens) Dr E. Veal was tall sleek and powerful, he was a psychiatrist and met a lot of interesting people he own a practice in London, where all wealthy sea merchants and most rich factory owners lived. His practice was a large building that loomed over the cobbled street. He stood at the window on the third floor. Snow lightly fell, the horse's horseshoe clicked on the uneven cobbles and the carriage rattled along behind. He heard a knock on the big oak door. He trotted down the stairs and pulled open the big oak door, it creaked like it was in pain. The person stood at the door he was young and thin, he was wearing a black suit and a top hat, with a shiny gold watch which hung out of his breast pocket. Dr E. Veal invited him in and led him down a narrow dark hall into a large backroom. The man sat down in a wooden chair. Dr E. Veal slowly settled in a chair close by, his tall figure half covered by the shadow of a closed wooden shutter, His white teeth illuminating the other half of his face. ...read more.


Dr E. Veal picked up the piece and slipped it into his mouth "Juicy don't you think, well you wouldn't know but it's your brain" Dr E. Veal snarled. Dr E. Veal continued his meal and poured himself a glass of Chianti and swirled it in his glass before gradually sipping the tasteful liquid. Months after a Mr. Burling stopped by needing to tell Dr E. Veal about his problem. He smashed the huge knocker on to the thick oak door the clang echoed around the house. Dr E. Veal pulled the oak door open his glare met his next victim's and assessed him there. Dr E. Veal invited him in. he led him in to the large backroom. Dr. E Veal glanced out the window. The snow was falling heavier now that ever. The shutters still half open. The man sat in the wooden chair. "How many I help you, sir?" Dr E. Veal's rasp voice scraping around the walls, which made the hair on the back of Mr. Burling's neck stand on end, they both took a long pause. Dr E. Veal muttered under his breath "I'll stab him in the shoulder when he blinks!" ...read more.


Dr E. Veal went to bite him but the man fell backwards on the chair, rolled over and ran for the door. Dr E. Veal Threw a knife at him but it only grazed his ear. The man tried to open the door but it was just too big, Dr E. Veal walked after him. The man ran to the third floor attic room slammed the door behind him and rested his back on the door, he look at the room only the remains of half eaten bodies were here glazed in something to stop the rooting of the corpses. The man pushed a wardrobe and some other big stuff to block the door. He stood still facing the door and listened he couldn't heard anything but his panting. A paralyzing voice scraped silently around the room into the head of the man. "Good Idea! No escape now my friend!" The man turned round and found Dr E. Veal standing eight feet away. Before to man realized he was on the floor on Dr E. Veal was savagely biting him, Dr E. Veal ate his rare but still enjoyed his meal. Covered in blood and brains Dr E. Veal walk down stairs and poured himself a some Chianti and swirled his glass then sipped, then chuckled to himself "juicy don't you think, well you wouldn't know but it's your brain" ...read more.

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