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Blood Brothers

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Blood Brothers I am going to write an essay to describe how I intend to direct the final scene of 'Blood Brothers' written by Willy Russell. Blood Brothers were a story set in 1983, a story about how a poor mother gives up one of her twins for adoption to a wealthy couple, hoping that they would raise him well. Both brothers' grew up as great friends, not knowing the truth, but they were constantly separated due to the fact that the wealthy parents disliked the idea of their sons being friends. Sooner, both children grew up, with different backgrounds and different lifestyles, and both ended up dead. To direct the final scene I plan to use the stage settings in many different ways. The lights hanging above the stage will also come in handy, helping to create many different atmospheres and moods, for example, if the lighting colour is red, this could represent anger if one's facial expression is screwed up. Whereas if the lighting was red and the actors on stage were calm, this could show tension, and possibly love. When you combine setting, lights and sound effects together, this can create many different atmospheres with more physical feeling. At the beginning of this final scene in the story of 'Blood Brothers', we are told that Edward, also known as Eddie , who is the son of the wealthy couple, is standing behind a table on a platform. ...read more.


The atmosphere from this point onwards should be kept tense as Mickey is about to shoot, and obviously, that is not wanted to happen. As Mickey shouts "stay where you are!" everybody will keep by his orders and stay in their positions. Mickey would still be walking up to the counsellors and Edward with his gun up, but should stop a couple or yards from Edward. As he stops he is unsteady and is breathing awkwardly, his hands would also be shaking slightly, but not too much. As Mickey replies Edward with the lines "I stopped taking the pills" he would say it quite calmly, as if nothing is in his hands, as if his hands are raised for no reason, he is saying it proving a point with a certain tone which is sounds friendly almost. Edward will not reply straight away, he will pause before answering; this will make it seem as if Edward is only saying it to break the silence, but then if he looks down slightly and says it before returning his head to its position earlier, this will give a sense that Edward is scared, and is trying to make an effort to save every one's skin form the gunshot. Eventually, Mickey will start to say something again, with the lines "I began thinking again. Y'see." At this point he will turn his head and look at the counsellors and say "Just get out of here, mister, now!" ...read more.


He or she will say their speech and Mrs Johnstone will follow on after singing her speech from "tell me its not true...//...on the radio" at this point, the song is not finished, but we see company accompanying her behind her, singing their speech, once Mrs Jonhstone has completely finished her speech to "...//...it's only a game." When the lights will be very dim as the company sing their part "tell me it's not true...//...Marilyn Monroe" when they finish the lights will be so dim, you can barely see anything on stage, but figures disappearing. The lights will start to glow yellow again, and a blue spotlight will be shown on Mrs Johnstone. She will stand still, looking cold and dead for about ten seconds before she sighs and looks up towards the audience. When she looks up, the curtains will fall. This action will show that this is the end of the play. In conclusion, I hope that the final effect on the audience is that they are all feeling sorry for Mrs Johnstone. To evaluate, I think that this would be a very effective directing way using lights sound and expressions to create a mood or atmosphere which is noticeable. As the audience leave the theatre, I hope for the to feel how life would have been like in the 1983, and for all of them to change their lives for the good. ?? ?? ?? ?? Yennie English Coursework: Blood Brothers - 1 - ...read more.

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