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"Blood Brothers" by Willy Russell.

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"Blood Brothers" by Willy Russell "Blood Brothers" is the story of twin brothers who are separated at birth. The play starts at the end, then goes back and tells the events that led to that situation. The story pivots around one character, Mrs Johnstone, she (the birth mother) finds out she is pregnant - again - her husband leaves her for someone who looks like Marilyn Monroe, she agrees with her boss, Mrs Lyons, whose house she cleans, that she can have one of the twins she is expecting. They both agree that it should be their secret and no one else shall ever know the truth. Mickey stayed with his mum, and Eddie went off with his new rich mother and father. The Johnstons are a "problem family" with little money and many mouths to feed, where as the Lyons have plenty of money to lavish on their "son". We follow the brothers, Mickey and Eddie, through their lives and see how their mother's decision to give Eddie away causes tragedy. The comedy of the early years of the boy's lives as we see them playing in the streets only makes the climax of the play more shocking and effective. ...read more.


In the song My Child, Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Lyons both dream about the kind of life that the child could have, brought up in a beautiful home in a nice neighbourhood, making the assumption that this would mean he would not get into any trouble, and a pact is made. Mrs Lyons husband worked away most of the time, and she was able to con him into thinking she was pregnant. The song Easy Terms paints the scenario about living on credit or the Never, Never; and draws a comparison with the new baby, who she will not have for long, being akin to only having catalogue goods for 'borrowed time'. The song Shoes upon the Table begins with Mrs Lyons scaring Mrs Johnstone into believing that if the brothers ever find out they are one of a twin, they will both be killed, and she should never come looking for her other twin. The music is quite fast and loud at this time, with the Narrator continuing with the threats Mrs Lyons started. Eventually the two kids meet while out playing, and become friends. They discover their birthdays are the same day, and make a pact to become Blood Brothers. ...read more.


Linda and Mickey have already married by this time. Eddie is still on the scene supporting her. The end scene is where Eddie is in a meeting and Mickey in a mad rage from finding out that his best friend was having an affair with his wife. Acting as if he had nothing else to lose he went and got the gun his brother hid under the floor boardings of his mums house at the front door, when he got onto the stage he pointed the gun at Eddie and told the other two characters to go. At that time there were four men acting as police men - two on both sides of the room and they were speaking to Mickey to let Eddie go. Then from out from nowhere the brother's mum comes into the scene and tells Mickey to stop, then not knowing what to do she tell replies to Mickey after he says why not to her (after telling him not to shoot Eddie) she reveals that he and Eddie were brothers. The Mickey gives shocked face and then he accidentally shoots his brother and the second after killing his brother the armed police act quickly and shoot Mickey. And so ends the play with both families grieving over the twin brothers. ...read more.

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