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Blood Brothers - Critique.

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On 22nd May 2003, we all went to see Blood Brothers for the first time. Blood Brothers was written by Willy Russell and directed by Bob Tomson and Bill Kenwright, which was performed at the Phoenix Theatre. The play was not a musical; alternatively it was a play with music. There isn't a lot of difference between a play with music and a musical, the only difference is that Willy Russell thought that a musical is continually based on love in which the songs are romantic and a play with music creates songs with deeper emotions; The lyrics are about the characters lives. The play was about two twin brothers who were separated at birth and then met up for the first time when they were 7 years old, but they didn't realise they were related. I thought that the play was made up of 8 themes o Class - working class and higher class o Motherly love o Life in Liverpool o Comedy and tragedy o Twins who are separated at birth o Love story o Superstition o From Childhood to Adulthood For instance, a big part was played by the theme of working class/higher class. I saw this as the two brothers was separated in to these categories; the Working class category was portrayed though Mickey and the higher class by Eddie. ...read more.


The play was directed using many techniques to demonstrating the director's points. One of the best techniques he used in the play was the mini nightmare sequence and the narrator sang the song "the devils got your number" standing behind either Mrs. Lyons or Mrs. Johnstone. That created a tensed atmosphere and made the character feels regretful. It also conveyed to me, as a member of the audience that the narrator was the conscience of both of the mothers. However I felt that narrator was more of a devil figure in the play. Because he manly said negative thing and constantly created a pessimistic vibe. For example I saw both of these characteristics of the narrator come though in a part of a scene. This occurred when Mrs. Lyons refused Eddie to meet Mickey ever again. She looks at the narrator (conscience and devil) and pulled her eyes away, which denoted to me that see was either running away from her conscience or sees the devil within her and ignores the fact that she knows that she is doing something heartless. The best part of the play was when Mickey and Eddie were 7 years old. I loved the way the actors played their characters. They made the character so believable. They also made the character believable by doing some of the things a 7 year old would do, For example, pretend that they are getting on a horse and riding on it and stretching their jumper to make it fit around his knees. ...read more.


I judge that the stage was set beautifully in the play, when I say this I imply, it had backdrops that changed at the interval to show that the have moved into a new house. It also changed when Mrs. Lyons comes to Mrs. Johnstone's house to talk to her then a kitchen backdrop was dropped. On the stage there was always a lamppost in right-hand corner of the stage, which was a continuous prop. The actors acted around the lamppost styling it out. As this has been the first time I have seen a professional drama performance, I submit to myself that, nearly all the actors in the play made their character incredibly believable, the three that stood out the most were, Mickey's actor (Stephen Palfreman), Eddie's actor (Mark Hutchinson) and Sammy's actor (Daniel Taylor). All three of these actors preformed tremendously. And made their characters so believable that I didn't think for one second that they were acting. For example when they were performing the song, kids play. The way they were running around was like they don't have a worry in the world and that's how 7 year olds are. As I said before this is the first stage production I've ever seen, and from my experience I feel that this was a remarkable piece of drama. I feel this way because of the acting, the story, the technical side and the musical side too. I really don't think that there is any room for improvement, because it is a marvellous the way it is. ...read more.

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