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Blood Money by Karamveer Singh Aulak

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Blood Money by Karamveer Singh Aulak Ding dong! The doorbell rang and rang at 52 Henchbridge Road. "I'll get it mum!" shouted Tommy Lee running down the stairs. The doorbell kept on ringing. Tommy reached the door and slowly grabbed the handle and opened the creaking door. Tommy peered at the strange small person. He wore a black suit with a blue tie, before Tommy could say anything the unusual looking fellow burst out with continuous laughter. Tommy looked puzzled and started scratching his head in search of an explanation for this bizarre behaviour he was witnessing. " Hello there Mr Lee good day to win a competition ? Well congratulations you have won a once in a lifetime opportunity !!2 blurted out the wacky salesman. Tommy looked more confused than ever. "Ok nice prank ," said Tommy yawning. "No Mr Lee this isn't a prank it's the truth !" Just as he was going to go in to more detail a siren was heard getting closer and closer, the salesman looked around nervously. He then pulled out a letter and handed it to Tommy. He then turned around and ran with a weird look on his face. Tommy stood their flabbergasted with his mouth wide open. ...read more.


He then looked up and was in the sort of trance Tommy was in. "So what's it about then, anything exciting ?" asked Brandon. Bob just handed him the letter to let him read it. By the end of the class they were both as amazed as Tommy was. As the afternoon came Bob and Brandon couldn't stop thinking of the money. After school they went to Tommy's house as they usually did to just hangout. They rang the doorbell and Tommy opened the door to let them in. Before any of them settled down they got straight to business on planning this big night. " Right guys we've all read the letter and I say we go for it !" blurted out Tommy . " Well me too," said Bob nodding his head. Tommy and Bob looked at Brandon waiting for a reply. "I'm not sure guys what if we get in trouble ?" explained Bob. Tommy and Bob stared at him like if he was serious enough to pass an opportunity like this. " What are you chicken ? Puck, Puck ! " said Bob being satire about it flapping his arms. "Look are you in or not ?" ordered Tommy staring at Brandon "Ok I'm in but if we get caught you 2 are taking the blame," replied nervously Brandon still not sure. ...read more.


"I had made a simple mistake Jack! What about this competition I have ?" asked Tommy. "It is a set up to get you here and for me to get revenge." explained Jack. They stopped talking they both looked down Tommy shocked and Jack raging with anger. Tommy heard a noise coming from where jack was he saw him starting top pull out a shiny knife from his pocket. Jack looked up towards the dark sky of the night and laughed and gave sadistic Tommy a sadistic smile. He went for Tommy with the knife in hand like before but Tommy dodged it Tommy grabbed Jack's hand and punched him in the face and pulled his arm behind his back and tripped him over on to the floor. Jack took another attempt at Tommy with the knife but at this head but missed, Tommy grabbed the knife and dug it in to Jack's stomach. Blood oozed out of jack as he slowly fell to the floor letting out a scream his eyes began to close as he passed out. Tommy stepped back and realised that he killed him. Tommy started to cry. Without thinking he picked the knife off the floor and closed his eyes and stabbed himself. Blood poured out , Tommy's eyes flickered he fell to his knees and went down to the floor. They both lay there bloody beaten and dead. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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