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Blood Thirsty

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Topic of the essay: Write a story ending 'How we got away I'll never know Word limit: 700. Words used: 672 Title of the Essay: Blood thirsty Blood Thirsty I have been going to Cambie Public School since I was seven. Never had there been any acts of violence or any drug cases. That is until the coming of Mr. Rudy. Yes, the name does fit him well and he was more than just rude. He was known for stretching not your ears, but your nose if you did anything wrong. He was about six feet and a very well built man. Along with him came his beautiful assistant Miss Rosy. For awhile he kept his vulgar acts well hidden and trained many boys to become bullies by teaching them that the only way to succeed in life is to be mean and cruel. ...read more.


Soon Johnny told us that we were to change our color to red. 'Red hair!' my mother screamed. After a lot of persuasion and careful pleading I fit right in with the group. At the next meeting Johnny said that there was going to be an election to elect council members. They were to be the 'tasters' he said. No one knew what he meant but it wasn't long before we found out. 'The Derskey boy has been harassing Tom Loker and it should not take long to find him!' was what he said. The next day Pippi Longstocking, a girl of massive size dragged him to Johnny. 'Excellent! ' he praised.' 'You shall pay' he hissed to Derskey and took a gun out. ...read more.


He laughed cruelly and threw us into a storage room. As we were in there we thought of a way to get out but alas, our hopes vanished. We both sat there and decided that if we were to die, we might as well die with honor.......... Luckily they had thrown us into what seemed to be a garden shed. There was a wide array of weapons to choose from. Tariq chose a hoe to fight with and I a shovel with a sharp end. The moment came, we stood up tall and as the door opened we aimed our weapons at the throat. As we killed them, ten more guards appeared and I don't know how but we did manage to defeat them. The next thing I remember is sirens in the distance and waking up in a hospital room surrounded by cards and flowers. How we got away I'll never know.......... Words: 672 1 ...read more.

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