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Bloody Sundae

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Bloody Sundae The fiery depths beckoned with heat and spices sure to make one froth at the mouth, iron casings surrounding the flame as haunches of meat were thrown amidst the pyrotides. Men and women scurrying about wearing what looked like uniforms from an elite cult. It was like you'd entered another dimension, everyone set on fulfilling their goal and making the consumer burst with glee and their tongue sizzle with flavor and spice; this, this is what would be expected in Theodor Karnige domain. Theodor Karnige is a world renowned chef in good ole' London town. His chains of restaurants across Europe, The Tikis, are always a safe haven for extravagant food. Detective Chief Inspector Montgomery wiped his mouth with his napkin and lay back in his chair, stretched his legs out and sighed luxuriously; he loved this place with its cozy atmosphere and muted chatter. It wasn't only a place to eat but a place for him to mull things over without the raucous interruptions that made up his daily life. ...read more.


They covered the entire house. With only a flash light for lighting, there was dripping from the ceiling and the overall smell of the house was nauseating. You could hear the rats scurrying around the house. In the kitchen there infested food in the fridge and cockroaches in the cupboards. We searched her bedroom, there was nothing there. We concluded later that she must have gone to work that morning. Our next board of investigation is to find out where she worked, when and when she left, so we can attempt on determining a time of death. As we rode back to the station, I couldn't stop thinking about the mind se this person must be in, how another human being could cause such devastation. What gave this person a motive to fulfill such a gruesome act of terror? I wouldn't what their childhood must have been like, how could anyone grow up with so much hatred? Is it even possible....? "Detective Chief Inspector?" "Yes Cartwright?" "We found something at her house that may be of crucial evidence to where she works" "And what would that be?" ...read more.


"I've never been in a walk in freezer, mind if I check it out?" "There's not much to se in there I assure you, but if you insist then by all means" the tremor in Theodor's hands grew and grew until they were practically shaking. As I walked into the freezer I unbutton the top of my holster and turned the safety off. Once I walked into the freezer I saw animal strung up and split, but in between these animals I saw weird shapes wrapped in muslin, a feeling in my gut told me I knew what was in there. I turned slowly to face Theo, my heart racing in my chest, I was stricken to find a gun in his hand, cocked and aimed straight at my heart. I was unware and so was Theo that I had been followed here by DS Simpkins, I was so relieved to see him, my heart still pounding. Just as Theodor was about to shoot Simpkins pulled out his weapon and shot him in the back twice. Theodor fell to the ground, blood pouring out of his back; he lay so limp, so dead... ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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