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Bolwing for Columbine essay

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Bowling for columbine essay- topic two. "Why not use Gandhi's way? He didn't have guns, and he beat the British Empire." Bowling for columbine take s a look at the large amount of gun related deaths happening in America each year and what it is that is causing these. Michael Moore investigates many different reasons for the large number but eventually comes to the conclusion that it is not the actual physical number of guns that causes the problem. If it's not the guns, then what is it? Many causes are said to contribute to the issue but three major points are the main focus of the documentary. The American gun culture is probably the most prominent reason to why the gun related casualty rate is so high. ...read more.


Moore goes even further to prove his point by actually walking up to residences homes in Canada and opening their door. Clearly surprised at not getting his head blown off, Moore questions "you're not afraid?" only to be questioned back with "should I be afraid?". Flabbergasted, Moore walks off saying "Thanks for not shooting me". So, if Canada presumes that they don't shoot each other to smithereens because they feel safe, then why is it that the Americans have these shocking numbers? Moore continues to investigate, starting with fear built up from the media. Moore presents the media as a strong influence to the American population. He successfully attempts to show the fear accumulated from the Americans by the constant violence presented on the news, in the papers, in the magazines and repetitively displayed widely across film screens. ...read more.


Many people say that America's history of violence is to blame. America's history of violence is obviously present throughout the film. Moore makes his point very well with long, full on, very confronting montages with a satirical song repetitively playing in the background. His evidence is clear and hard to argue with. Moore also makes his own cartoon footage, briefly showing a very bias view to America's violent history. Conclusively, Moore states many reasons to why Americas gun related deaths are through the roof compared to other countries. Among these, are America's history for violence, their gun culture and their role of the media. The movie never really comes to blaming one particular aspect of America for the problem, but conveys that all of these issues put together profoundly make it difficult for the country to run peacefully. Moore finishes the movie with a very memorable, satirical quote: "Yes, it was a glorious time to be an American". ...read more.

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