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Book Review - New Moon

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Book Review: New Moon by Stephenie Meyer "New Moon" is the second book in the "Twilight" saga following "Twilight." Written by Stephenie Meyer, it is the story of Bella Swan and her love for the vampire, Edward Cullen. The four books in the series follow their troubles against other vampires and trying to make their relationship work due to the problematic fact that they are two different species. In the first book, Twilight, Bella moves from her home in Phoenix with her mother, Ren´┐Że to a miniscule town in Washington named Forks to be with her father, Charlie. There, at her first day of school she notices a family of extraordinarily beautiful people, The Cullens. There are five children in the Cullen family, Edward, Emmet, Jasper, Alice and Rosalie. There are two adults named Carlisle and Esme. After having a biology class with Edward she is amazed by his reaction to her, he is tense and is sitting as far away as possible. The next day he is nowhere to be seen and doesn't return to school for another week. Bella believes its her fault and plans to confront him on what his problem is but she is stopped before she gets the chance. ...read more.


Tragically, Edward decides to leave Bella for, what he thinks, is her own good. Bella is heart-broken and goes into a deep depression for many months. Her father decides on an ultimatum, either she lightens up or he will send her back to her mother in Florida. She seeks refuge with her old friend, Jacob and becomes extremely close to him, though nothing could ever fill the gaping hole that Edward has left. After she rashly purchases some second hand motorcycles she secretly takes them to Jacob to fix up, he agrees and they bond during the project. When he finishes he calls her and they go out to test drive them, but when Bella is ready to start up the motorcycle she hears Edward's voice, he is warning her not to do it. She eventually puts the pieces together and begins doing dangerous and risky things just in order to hear his voice again. Once, when Jacob takes Bella to the cinema he begins to feel very sick and after about a week Bella starts calling him and is surprised to find that Billy (Jacob's father) is against the idea of her coming round. She grows irritated at him and decided to go down to the reservation. ...read more.


The book was comprised of may small things leading up to a climax at the end, each chapter has one small thing that happens or a conversation that leaks a vital piece of information, which means that you cannot just stop there, you have to read just one more chapter. The fantasy throughout the book could have easily made it a shambles but the way everything is explained it makes it perfectly believable and being set in present time it studies other people's personalities and reactions. It makes you think yourself about how you're treated in life and it debates on the subject of acceptance throughout. Unlike other fantasy books similar to Twilight, it doesn't have to change things because of the simplicity and no ordinary object has any hidden meaning which also contributes to its believability. The book was beautifully written, studying the complexity of late teenage relationship and the trials and tribulations Bella and Edward must conquer to be together and the lengths they will go to just to hold each other's hand. During the book, it frequently refers to the similarity between their and Romeo and Juliet's relationship, with Jacob being referred to as Paris. The tale is dripping with drama and pain with every word and I am eager to read the next two. ...read more.

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