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Born With Superpowers.

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S.Waigwa Born With Superpowers Introduction Every human being in this world would wish or hope to have a superpower. A superpower to run at a speed of light, a superpower to read people�s minds or perhaps a superpower to be stronger than any other human. Well, this happened to a small boy in Miami. No professional scientist knows how he survived the tragic car accident. His family, who were known as the Browns, died apart from Simon. Simon recovered with no broken borns nor scratches. Was that luck of the highest degree or maybe he wasn�t in the car accident. Story It was one calm mid-night when the Browns were driving home from a family party in Miami. Simon was the only child in the family and was known to be a quiet boy. On that night his father was driving a five hour journey heading towards Orlando while his mothe was taking a short nap on the passengers seat. ...read more.


On that day the boss of the hospital came to visit Simon with shock all over his face, I�ll bet Simon wondered why he got grimsy faces everyday. Before the boss gave a word Simon told him, 'no one cares about me'. He even told him about his family background, how poor they were and how no one liked him because he spent money on comics and never did well in school. The boss felt pity for him knowing he had no where to go. Beside Simon�s bed, he noticed an awful lot of comic books like spiderman, superman and captain america. It seemed he was a comic freak. The longer Simon stayed in the hospital the more famous he became. Reporters interviewed him almost everyday and he was known as the 'lucky boy'. Time was running out and Simon had to leave the hospital, either he would have to be adopted or taken in child welfare. It seemed no one wanted to adopt him so he was taken to the welfare in San Diego. ...read more.


The bullies could only see the toilet door swinging back and forth. Simon was so fast while he took his comic book with him. This is the moment that Simon realised one of the strengths with in him. As Simon was walking through the corridor heading to his room, he could read peoples minds who were passing by he could tell the good ones, the naughty ones and even the sad ones. Only one touch and Simon knows everything about you. One week gone and everyone seemed to like Simon, many of them used to play a game called 'guess what I think'. Simon�s superpowers were known by everyone and he was known to be a record holder in 100m sprint with a time of 0,00,1s unbeatable. The bullies would do nothing but be as friendly as possible. But they did find his weakness. If Simon does not carry his comic book with him he is as weak as anyone else. They found this out when Simon was going for swimming lessons. But still no one would still dare to bully him because he might be one of the comic heroes.ll S.Waigwa S.Waigwa ...read more.

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