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Cassandra stared emptily in the mirror as her life took a downward spiral into hell.

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Cassandra stared emptily in the mirror as her life took a downward spiral into hell. Her husband, Jason found a young pretty thing at printing office and she was stuck taking care of a three-year-old child that she didn't even want. Not that her little girl was a problem it was just no man was going to be interested in her knowing she had a child to raise too and was poor to boot. "It isn't fair." She said whining into the mirror. "He gets to go and have his fun with no responsibility to anyone, but himself." Cassandra glared into the mirror harder and thought about her dear sweet grandma that lived in London. She was always begging Cassandra to come and visit her over the past several years. But Cassandra and Darryl were always too busy and could never make it. "That's it!" Cassandra said excitedly. "Grandma! We will go visit my Grandma." Standing up fast, she reached for the phone from the desk in her room. "Grandma," she said into the phone. "How are you?" she asked continuing to chatter about what was going on around her. She talked about Janie her little three-year-old daughter and how much she was missing her Great Grandma and would like to come visit her for a while. ...read more.


Grinning ear-to-ear and so happy her granddaughter finally came to visit her, Grandma told Janie all about what her mother was like when she was a little girl. Grandma handed Janie a cookie and pulled Janie to her for a little hug. For several weeks thereafter, Cassandra helped her Grandmother around the house while Janie entertained her Great Grandma. "Grandma," Cassandra begun to speak softly, "Have you thought anymore about that will we were discussing?" "Oh dear," her grandmother said, "I have the will all ready wrote up and signed." Cassandra wetted her lips, as she turned toward the kitchen window in a frenzied excitement. She thought to herself, "It will be mine all mine so very soon. I shall have it all, the stocks and bonds, the house, and the property." "Where do you keep the will, Grandma?" Cassandra asked innocently. Her Grandmother fidgeted in her chair and said, "In a very safe spot, and I tell NO ONE where I keep it that way it is always in a safe spot and no one can steal it." Cassandra patted her Grandmother on the back, "but you know how forgetful you have gotten lately, you might Should tell me so if you forget I will know and can get it for you." ...read more.


"I don't need you, Grandma." She said munching one of her Grandma's tasty cookies holding in the air a document of deed. "I got what I wanted and it is all mine!" With a quick snap Cassandra pushed her Grandmother's wheelchair into the creek along with her Grandmother. She tumbled and rolled screaming as she kept gulping water into her mouth. Cassandra opened the document, at what she thought to be a will. It was just an old deed of land that her Grandmother had owned many years before they moved to the beautiful homestead with the colonial home and all the property. She gasped, and her eyes bulged wide. Cassandra looked back into the water at her Grandmother struggling in the water. Grandma screamed frantically at Cassandra, "You will never get my home you will see. You will get your just desserts sweetie." It was then Cassandra saw the wheelchair tossing in the water and a white envelope fell into the water. Grandma had kept her deed and will in a safe place after all, with her. The envelope and papers disintegrated into pieces as Cassandra tried to pick them out of the water and place them in the proper order but it was hopeless. Grandma went silently under the water with a smile upon her face as the current took her and her wheelchair down stream. ...read more.

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