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Character essay of Mr. Birling

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Character essay Of MR BIRLING Karel Kumar 11s Mr Birling is the father of Sheila Birling, who is soon to be married to Gerald Croft. His wife is known in the play as Mrs Birling, they have been married for quite a few years and their marriage is strong. He owns and runs a factory that employs un skilled working class people. He is very middle class and so is all his family, who enjoy the luxury and security of his wealth, his daughter Sheila is marrying into a slightly higher class. He though may be likely to receive a knight ship. He perhaps hopes for a business partnership with his son in law's company. ...read more.


I feel that he does love his family and want the best for them, although he is very angry when he learns his son has taken fifty pounds, this may have been a lot then, but to him is surely not that important. His son, Eric feels as if his father is more like a dictator and is not the type of father who a son can talk to freely and ask for advice and come to with problems. He has only one goal in life, to rise socially and also to build up a wealthy business, he does not care who he has to step on, or who gets in his way. ...read more.


He uses quite sophisticated language as he is a well educated man, who was born middle class, and will die perhaps slightly higher up. I feel as if he has been given all he ever wanted by being born into the right family. He has not had to work long hours or very hard for pittance. He has money and has used it to make an even bigger fortune. At the end of the play when the inspector is shown as a fake, he shows that he cares more about the fact his knight ship is more likely to happen than the fact that his family has destroyed the life of a girl, and her unborn child. He in fact is a heartless man, caring more for social standing, possessions and money than the life of a poor unlucky girl. ...read more.

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