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Character Monologue -Miss Julie

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Character Monologue - Miss Julie Jo Caruana Miss Julie has been found wandering the streets with nowhere to go and has been taken into hospital. She is talking to the hospital psychiatrist. She walks on stage. I shouldn't be here you know. You can't keep me here. (Pause) Of course I know my name! It's Julie. Julie Hayes and Miss Julie to the likes of you. She nods and sits down on an armchair that is not directly facing the audience. I'm 25. Look, I really don't know why I'm here. I was just out taking a walk when they found me - Confused? No, I was not confused! Yes, I'm from Hagfors in Sweden, do you want the address? I don't go there anymore. I'm staying with a friend. Why? Look, I really don't think this is any of you business... Simply personal reasons! Miss it? No, not really... I sometimes think of Daddy I suppose. Though we were never especially close him and I. I miss Diana - my dog. Although that was a dreadful scandal! She was having puppies by some bastard dog, disgraceful really! I had to ask our cook to have it dealt with. ...read more.


Got her revenge on Daddy did Mummy, her revenge for him taking the establishment into his own hands. He's never been the same since and of course she paid for that again and again. Oh but the gossip! I hate gossip. Why must people complicate things by talking about them with each other? Jean always said, "People will talk Miss Julie". Jean? Oh he was my father's valet. Miss him? Why on earth would I miss him? (Pause) When I left home? Well, it was Mid-Summer I suppose, yes Mid-Summer of this year. It was sad day for me. Well, it was at the time, of course it was. Like I said, I'm over it now. I had to go. I left because I had no choice. It's complicated! Not something someone like you would understand, naturally. Look,may I leave now please? I really should be getting back. No I would not like a cup of tea, thank you. Christine always made the nicest cups of tea. Just enough sugar, not too much milk. Our cook. Unfortunately we didn't leave things on the best of terms. For one reason or another. ...read more.


What wasn't to want? Look at me! I had everything he didn't have, he couldn't have. I never meant for that to happen though. It shouldn't have gone so far. He didn't use me though, I know he didn't. But, after it, it, it happened, I asked him if he loved me and he said... well, he'd never looked at me like that before. He wasn't the same Jean after that and I knew I had to go. We could have left together, but he didn't want that. I very nearly killed myself that night. With his razor. He wanted me to! He handed it to me! I was so stupid, so stupid to think that everything would be perfect afterwards! That we would live happily ever after! It wasn't like that. I left before there was time to think twice, it was kill myself or go, so I went. They don't know where I am, none of them know where I am. And that's good. I'm free now. It's great that no one here knows me. I don't have to be something I'm not, I don't have to be - Time up? But I - Next week? But I've already told you everything, told you far more then I should have! How can I - Next week? Ok... ...read more.

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