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Character study of Eddie Carbone is A View from the Bridge.

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Character study of Eddie Carbone is A View from the Bridge The main character from A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE is Eddie Carbone who lives with his niece Catherine and his wide Beatrice. Catherine is an orphan so Eddie and Beatrice look after her. In this play Eddie is a simple person who is a victim of circumstances but he also contributes to his own downfall. He works as a longshoreman at the Brooklyn Docks. Eddie is characteristically uneducated but still is a very hardworking man. Eddie comes from a Sicilian background. I believe that this one of the most important things that motivates Eddie. Coming from this background Eddie believes that the man should be the leader of the household and that everything goes by him first concerning his family and that he should be very manly and stand up for those who are close to him. This can be believed by the way he talks to Catherine. Catherine talks to him about her job as a stenographer and says ' why don't you ask me before you took a job?' This shows that he wants Catherine to ask for his permission before accepting the job. He wants her to ask for authorization so he feels as if he is the boss and because he wants to be consulted first; otherwise he feels threatened. ...read more.


I think that his secret desire for Catherine motivates him to become over-protective of her to the extent that he does not want her going out or wearing revealing clothes. This is shown when he says 'I think it's too short' Eddie feels more affection for Catherine than is natural for a man towards his niece. He likes her more a woman way than a child. 'Catherine, I don't want to be a pest, but I'm tellin' you you're walkin' wavy. Eddie said this phase when Catherine wears a new skirt she had brought, to show Eddie. He is concerned that she will receive attention form men, which Eddie doesn't like as he thinks of Catherine as his. He also says 'you isn't all the girls'. Here Eddie is saying you are not all the girls; you are my girl. All these factors indicate that she is become a woman and Eddie doesn't like this, so he is motivated to protect her as much as possible. He was so authoritarian with her as she was growing up. Eddie's secret desire for Catherine is also integrated in his self interest because all he can think about is he. He cannot appreciate how happy Catherine is with Rodolfo. All he cars about is trying to break them up and he tries to do this by calling the Immigration Bureau but all this caused was Catherine and himself to grow apart and for Catherine to finally see what type of man he is. ...read more.


He reverses the direction and stabs Eddie. Eddie falls down and dies. His last words were: 'Beatrice'. This shows that even though Catherine must have meant more to him than a child, he still thinks that Beatrice is his one true love and that he thought of Beatrice more than he thought of Catherine, even though, it seems that he likes Catherine more. The theme of 'A View from the Bridge' is an ordinary man's tragedy. Eddie is a temperamental person, who does not like to be beaten at things that he would call 'manly' and certainly does not like to lose in front of people who respect him and treat him like the man of the house. In the play, Eddie is a man torn apart by two people, who are both related. He likes both in very much the same way. This is just one of his worries, but when his wife's cousins come, his life is 'scrunched into a ball and flung into a bin'. The contrast is so great that he loses everything that he has achieved but most of all, he loses his life and 'honour'. Overall I think that many things motivate Eddie but the most important thing is his secret desire for Catherine and he can never come to terms with the fact that he does not own her. I think this is also why he eventually dies because he cannot let go. Anjum Kohli A View from the Bridge- Eddie Carbone 1 ...read more.

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