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Chilling story

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Lindsey McInerney Walking home alone always put the willies up Beth. She hated the way all the unlit windows looked like hundreds of dark eyes all staring at her and the way the street lights glow cast ominous shadows everywhere. It was almost eleven o'clock on a December night and once again Beth was walking home alone. She'd been at her friend Donna's house watching a film and as usual she'd spent her bus money on crisps at the shop. The worst part of walking home was walking across the field, cutting through the field cut ten minutes off Beth's journey and on a dreary night like this, she wanted to get home as quickly as she could. Beth set off across the field. There were no lights on the field, so it was deathly dark and the wind was blowing and wailing. ...read more.


As the dog got closer Beth saw that this wasn't a dog at all. It was far too big to be a dog and its fur was thick and scruffy. Looking straight into its cold, black, steely eyes, Beth could see its warm breath in the cold air. It looked more like a wolf. On that thought Beth gathered all of her courage and set off to run as fast as she could. Her heart pounding and the cold air burning her lungs Beth sprinted towards the exit of the field. She could hear the wolf panting behind her, turning to see how close it was, Beth tripped over some broken twigs and went crashing to the ground. With everything in her, Beth screamed. The wolf was close, only a few feet from her. Trying to drag herself backward away from the wolf, she wondered if these were her last moments. ...read more.


Beth ran and did as she was told. Not daring to move Beth stayed huddled on the floor in the man's hallway. Cold sweat clung to her face and her body hurt. The man still wasn't back by the time the police arrived, as quickly as she could Beth explained what happened and begged them to hurry and help the man that had saved her. There was a knock at the door. Beth dragging her aching body off the floor slowly went to answer it. Opening the door, Beth was met with a sad looking police officer. "Its not good news I'm afraid" he spoke softly. "We've found the man that saved you but he was dead before we arrived". Beth burst into a flood of tears. "Where's the wolf?" Beth asked. "We didn't find the wolf" the police officer replied. Beth stood at the door, numb with grief. Watching the paramedics' put the stretcher into the ambulance, Beth wondered if they'd ever find the beast that had done this. ...read more.

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