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Chinese Culture

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Question:- *Write about the time when you experienced a different culture to your own, explaining in a way that would help the reader understand your thoughts and feelings at the time. I remember the time when I just left the aeroplane at terminal 5 of Beijing International Airport, and was waiting at a queue for my passport to get stamped. During that moment, I looked around to find where the luggage counter was. What I saw was weird but at the same time amazing; a group of Chinese porters were exercising at the corner of luggage counter; doing the same exercise at the exact time and at a constant pace; copying the manager of the porters. That didn't struck me as much as when I noticed that all of the porters looked same as if they were from the same family; they all had the same facial structure, the same hair, the same height and the same body structure. ...read more.


After passing by six stops I decided to ask a fellow passenger, where the Qing Ma Ti station was (my destination), but to my dismay; I was told that the station was 3 stops behind and there was no line to that station for 3 hours. So, I left the subway and decided to walk on foot to the hotel, on my way I came across a local restaurant; seeing what they had in the open stall disgusted me. There were fried insects such as fried cockroaches, fried locusts, fried beetles, and they also served boiled octopus and squid, grilled rates and duck's tongue and things that you will never even want to think about eating it. This was the disgusting part; now get ready for the weird part. The customers who were dining in the restaurant were eating with a pair of wooden sticks called chopsticks and to everyone's surprise they were eating rice with chopsticks. ...read more.


he was able to move the cycle forwards and began cycling towards the destination of his customers, with his sweat pouring down whenever he completes a metre. And the weirdest of all was the language the Chinese speak, they call it Mandarin but we like to call it Chinese. The way they speak is like when a 7 year old kid gets angry and tries to support himself against his parents speaking whatever comes to their mind without understanding and leaving the people listening to him with blank faces. They speak the language at such a rate that you'll never make out whether they are happy or sad even by their facial expressions. Looking at such a culture which differentiates itself in every aspect from the culture where I have been brought up quite startles me. This shows me how the huge the world is and how many people have made the Earth their home. ...read more.

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