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Choose a scene from Romeo and Juliet that you think is particularly effective dramatically and important in the play as a whole.

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Choose a scene from "Romeo and Juliet" that you think is particularly effective dramatically and important in the play as a whole. (By Ivan Kam) In this essay, I will be writing about how Act 1 Scene 5 of the "Romeo and Juliet" dramatically effective and important in the play as a whole. Act 1 Scene 5 starts with four Capulet's servants who are busily preparing for the party in the Capulet's house. Romeo is in the party with his friends because he hopes to see Rosaline who he thinks he is in love with. Juliet is in the party to view, a potential husband, she is asked to marry him from her mother. Finally, Romeo and Juliet meet in this scene for the first time. There are few themes in this scene, which include love and hate. The scene is made dramatically effective because of the use of language and is intended to address the audience. At the start of Act 1 Scene 5, Lord Capulet starts to speak in blank verse to address the guests in the party. He acts as a commentator as to monitor what is going on in the party. Then, Lord Capulet jokingly says "Ladies that have toes, unplagu'd with corns will walk a bout with you." He makes a joke about how if a woman does not dance, she must have corns. ...read more.


I think the comparison between black and white indicates the conflict between the families and the clash of love and hate. After Romeo's talk, Tybalt notices Romeo's presence. He then immediately draws his sword and prepares to kill Romeo. Tybalt says, "Who dare the slave come hither, cover'd with an antic face, to fleer and scorn at our solemnity". Tybalt wants Romeo to be dead because he thinks he has come to spoil the party. His speech is hateful and fierce. This suggests that Tybalt is hot-headed as he is a man who seldom speaks but more in action. Theme of hate is introduced here and the audience are now being introduced with a hot-temper character and they want to know whether Tybalt will kill Romeo or not, so the audience are anticipating what might happen next. Fortunately, Lord Capulet saves the life of Romeo by stopping Tybalt from killing Romeo. Lord Capulet says "I would not for the wealth of this town. Here in my house do him disparagement". Lord Capulet stops Tybalt from killing Romeo because he is influenced by the Prince of Verona in Act 1 Scene 1 as he is being told if anyone of the two families disturbs the streets again, their lives will pay for it as a consequence. The audience may be thinking there might be fight, either between Romeo and Tybalt because Tybalt wants Romeo to get out of the ball or between Tybalt and Capulet because both of them want things to be going on their own way. ...read more.


I think both Romeo and Juliet feel despair and disappointed. Yet, none of them stops their love and try to move on. The audience are amazed by the way how Romeo and Juliet act as they are so young and they still decide to continue their love even though there are objections from both sides of the families. Act 1 Scene 5 is the scene mostly about Romeo and Juliet's first meeting. In this scene, Shakespeare conveys a message through the use and play of language. Shakespeare uses blank verse, rhyming couplets, oxymoron and romantic language in sonnets. He tells us that Romeo and Juliet's love will not go along very well and this will also be their downfall and death. This scene shows the contrast of the themes of love and hate as long as Romeo and Juliet are still in love with each other, the family feud will continue. The audience is subjected to types of emotions such as humour of Lord Capulet, aggression of Tybalt attempting to kill Romeo and romance and true love elements of Romeo and Juliet. There are vast varieties of emotions in the play and the audience appreciated it. In addition, audience are then eager to know the ongoing relationship of Romeo and Juliet as it will pave the path for tragic events that are likely to happen in the future. On the whole, I think this is a crucial scene in the play because it sets the story for the rest of the play. ...read more.

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