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Coming Home.

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Coming Home: - My summer vacations had begun and I was bored, bored was an understatement. For the first two weeks of my holidays I just slept like a log the whole day with nothing better to do. Then on the 25th I of June I suddenly heard my parents say that we were going to Goa. "We're going to Goa, did I hear Dad say we were going to Goa". We had not been on a holiday for nearly five years. It was always the same "we can't afford a holiday just yet". I was overwhelmed with several emotions at the same time, fear, anxiety and excitement. I was going to leave Dubai my foster home. My ears soon peaked up to hear more. "We are going to goa, we are going home". This was two surprises in one; firstly we were finally going on a holiday after so long that too to Goa. Goa was taboo in our home after my dad and his elder bother had a bitter battle over the ancestral home and property. Since then we moved to Dubai. For so long my dad's brother took over the property and refused to give my dad his legal share. ...read more.


It was just like the fort which is there in Dubai, but with lots of trees to cover it from sight. In the evening I went to Dona Paula which is another tourist attraction. This place has got two of the most ancient wind turbines which were used by the old goans to collect energy during the day because of the strong wind currents which passed the area. This place was legendary according to the folk gossip and it was called lovers paradise. This is due to the myth attached to it stating the viceroy's daughter's affair with a poor fisherman. They faced many objections and so jumped off the cliff. The place was at the seaside and the view was mentally stimulating adding to this view when it started raining it was even more pleasant. It made all the tension and tiredness of my trip vanish. I then went for a tour of the mountains and the small hills around the area. The landscape was very beautiful. The mountain showed the area around and we could see up to a certain distance farther than my neighborhood as well. ...read more.


Always the two festivals were celebrated separately as the people used to end up with heavy riots which broke up among them. The Carnival as well as the Govinda festival was something I had never seen so I was extremely happy to be there. The Carnival was an event which the goans celebrated in order to show their independence. It was a non-stop 3day festival of color, song and music. The Govinda was something similar. I was able to experience two feasts at the same time. I saw new folk dances and I saw the Hindu's put up a pot high up in the buildings and stand up on top of one another and try to reach it and break it. All this was so exciting. I have clicked so many pictures and have made two whole albums of my first holiday in Goa which are now some of my most prized processions. I was sad and heartbroken to leave paradise, as in just a week I had the happiest moments of my life. I was going back but to my home away from home. But the one and a half week holiday in Goa is one I was going to remember for the rest of my life as it was an experience of a life time, it was my home. ...read more.

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