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Comment on the similarities and differences of “rime of the ancient mariner” by S.T. Coleridge and “flannan isle” by W.W. Gibson

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Comment on the similarities and differences of "rime of the ancient mariner" by S.T. Coleridge and "flannan isle" by W.W. Gibson In the rime of the ancient mariner Coleridge is telling a story about and ship of sailors who get caught in a storm and end up far south. "And southward we aye we fled." Line 50 "The rime of the ancient mariner" And every one ends up dead but the interesting thing about the poem is that it is set out in the way that the one survivor off the ship is telling the story to a passer by who is on his way to a wedding and although he is missing the wedding he fells he must stay and hear the old mans story out. In Flannan isle the poem is about a lighthouse were 3 men diapered from under mysterious circumstances. The poem describes the discovery of the missing men by the replacement lighthouse keeper and the search for the missing lighthouse keepers on the island. ...read more.


of his action when they are becalmed they change their minds again and blame him, hanging the dead bird around his neck; Ah wretch! Said they, the bird to slay, That made the breeze to blow! And then Taws right said they, such birds to slay That bring the fog and mist. And latter on Instead of a cross, the albatross About my neck was hung. Rime of the ancient mariner line 95-96,101-102,147-148 This is a very two faced and would set an almost angry Mood with the reader or annoyed with the other sailors who cheered him but as soon As things get worse they blamed him. Death and Life-in-Death dice for the crew and the life-in-death wins the mariner; when he returns to land, he finds he has to tell his tale; He ends his narrative by reminding the wedding guest of the need to love "man and bird and beast"; in the poem, the Polar Spirit is said to love the albatross, and two other spirits discuss the mariner's almost like in a court of chance will the mariner die or will he life? ...read more.


Verse 5 Line 1 This gives the reader a good description of what the bay was like when they returned he says it is white with silent like lit this is very descriptive as he says silent this is a soft sound and so it gives a very calm image of the bay in the white light of the moon. Flannan isle also uses very powerful images one of the powerful images is that of when the men were listening for the missing men We listened, but we only heard The feeble cheeping of a bird Flannan isle line66-67 This sets a very sad image as he says they hear a feeble cheeping of a bird, the cheeping of a bird is normally associated with happiness and the author relating it with saddens makes a big impact on the reader emotionally. In Flannan isle the poet also uses an ABCB rhyming Scheme, which gives the poem a rhythm and so is easier to follow and so the story gets across better. ?? ?? ?? ?? John Mahon GCSE ENGLISH ...read more.

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